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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Making of the Video Blog

Yesterday's blog entry, or "vlog" entry (I don't like the word vlog) was probably the most difficult entry I have done to date. It wasn't that the material was new, but the medium I was using was new.

I worked on a outline script for three days, and ended up using none of it. A forced script didn't feel natural. In my video I had no words planned and everything was thought of as it came. This is important for me because if I slow down, whether doing a vlog, ahem, video blog or presentation I will begin to analyze what I am saying. At the speed I talk my mind has no time to nit pick at what I have said.

Starting the entry yesterday was difficult. I simply did not know how to begin. I started and restarted at least twenty times because nothing felt right. How does one greet people that he has talked to only in text for almost six months now? I didn't have the answer and it resulted in numerous restarts.

I found this interesting because this level of uncomfortableness is identical to what personal interactions are like. Starting a conversation is something I rarely do and it felt the same way as making that recording.

Another interesting tid bit is that I have not, and will not, watch my video. I have no idea what I said, what stories I used, or if I made any mistakes. I'd like to know, but watching myself, and seeing myself, is something that I avoid at all costs. In my mind I have an image of me and I think I know how I sound, but seeing me and hearing me in reality is a stark contrast. Every time I hear myself I ask, "I sound like that?"

I do plan on having more video blog entries in the future, but I will need to think of what topics to cover that I can do better with the spoken word over writing about it.

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  1. Wow, that last paragraph sounds exactly like me, thanks for making this whole blog it makes me closer than i have ever been to understanding my condition :)