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Friday, January 14, 2011

Return of the Sunglasses?

Recently it has become harder and harder to enter places of retail and other public places. It's been a slow trek to this point, and I think back to the time period after July of last year when I did my Sunglasses Experiment and the ease I felt.

It's been a while since I wore my sunglasses outside of a race track and I can't really tell you as to why that is. It's not that I forget as they are on the stand I keep my car keys on. Yet, I still walk past them. Am I trying to be brave? Maybe it's that somewhere in my mind I have it that it is only for experimental purposes?

An officer asked a question on Wednesday about the fact that it must get real tiresome dealing with all the sensory input non-stop on top of the issues with eye contact and all the other challenges that come along with the autism spectrum. I was amazed at how perfectly he stated the challenges because one challenge would easily be a non-issue for me, but it's the combination of everything that just wears me down.

The officer's question really helped me see that I can wear the sunglasses not as an experiment but rather a way to lessen the amount of input that comes my way. I know I came to that conclusion last July, but maybe I just wanted to prove how tough I was. In any event the sunglasses are coming out of their case and while I may not wear them all the time like I did last July during the experiment I will have them for those times that I just need a little aid in getting through the day.

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