Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Humor is a One-Way Street

During my presentation yesterday I was astounded at how far I have come as a presenter, and as a comedian should you talk to the right person. When I started out just over two years ago humor was something I tried to avoid in my presentations as I feared comments like, "We shouldn't be laughing at or with these stories."

After giving several presentations to police officers I realized that I needed something to maintain their attention so I had to change my tones as I spoke to say, and oh the irony as this is almost like yesterday's title, "It's okay to laugh."

Two years later the humor just comes naturally; I don't try and be funny and I don't put any thought into how to state something or phrase it, or how my tone should be. Truly, it just happens and I find this odd because I don't understand the concept of stand-up comics. I've watched a few and I sit there, lost, as if I'm hearing a complete history of Greenland.

In fact, I almost get angry when I see segments of a stand-up act because I don't get the jokes. As with a lot of things with Asperger Syndrome humor is a one-way street. I can make a comedic remark in my presentation and understand it fully well, but if the street was reversed I would probably sit there with the look of grim seriousness on my face.

Sarcasam too is something that is a one-way street. If anything this is even rougher than the humor street. Now, if I've known someone a LONG time and have seen how they do sarcasam I can understand it, but if I don't know someone that well often times I will be a cloud of processing trying to determine if the comment was a serious, literal comment or if it was said in jest.

I believe this is just another example at the mystery of the spectrum and teachers and parents could become quite confused or frustrated with a child because things can be a one-way street. Conversations, interests, and of course humor all could fall under this one-way street concept. I do want to write more on this topic, but I also want to think it out more so for now I'll leave this at that.

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