Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Aspie Traveler: Journey to the Land of the Rising Sun. Day Two - Part 2

As I got situated in my room I thought of going to sleep because I had been up for 25 hours at that point but the nagging sensation of hunger was winning, but where to go? The hotel does not have a restaurant so I had to venture out into the unknown world. I looked out my window and saw that the sun was starting to set (I have an awesome view being on the 13th floor... Wait a sec, I thought hotels never had a 13th floor!) and navigating, as I said, would not be easy.

In Amsterdam the street names were written in letters I knew, but here there may not even be signs in Japanese. Also, I have no GPS. I don't have an international data plan so all navigating is going to be done by remembering which way I came. That's the way it used to be done and as I walked and wasn't even one block from my hotel I realized how much of a crutch technology has become for us.

So food. I was hungry and as I walked down what I would typically consider an alley there were places to eat on both sides of the street. The smell of cooking food from many nations was sensed as there were French, Indian, Chinese, and even Italian. That was great, but trying to figure out what places had was difficult seeing that the menus were in Japanese. Also, all these places were full and space was at a premium.

With each place I walked past the people inside, which I'd say were Japanese businessmen, were all dressed the same. Then I looked up an realized how much I stuck out. I had half the standard wardrobe down because everyone I saw wore black pants, but in my fiery red shirt I was a rebel as all had a white shirt with a black coat. Okay, it wasn't all, but it was a percentage over 95 for sure.

Noticing clothing habits didn't help my hunger situation so I walked down alley after alley and I came to a McDonalds! Great! Except that this would totally be cheating and I can have that when I'm home, not that I frequent that place at all.

The walking continued and my bruised tibia from the blog post, "A Crash in Huntsville" started to nag me so I knew I had to get off my feet soon, but I then realized I was intimidated. I had found a steak place that looked and smelled fantastic, but I didn't understand the process of ordering, and English isn't spoken. This place had no seats and everyone was standing and because I didn't understand the social rules I kept walking past.

I had now been walking for an hour all within nine blocks of my hotel and I came across this coffee show that had a picture menu. Okay, many places had this but some of these foods I didn't even understand what they were with a picture, and this coffee shop and something that looked hauntingly familiar to spaghetti and meatballs. Could I order this almost anywhere in Saint Louis? Yes, but I didn't care because there were seats, I could point to what I wanted on the menu, and I could finally have food. And let me tell you, it was delicious!

When I got back to the room I tried to write this post, but I wrote a couple paragraphs and fell asleep and I slept for 11 hours. Maybe for once jet lag won't get me down and it's a new day now so it's time to see what I can discover today.

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