Thursday, December 10, 2015

Aspie Traveler Norway Day 1: The Start

So here I am, off on another international adventure! I'm currently sitting in the international terminal in Atlanta awaiting my flight to Paris then I've got an overly tight connection to make it to my flight that will take me to Oslo. The question remains though as to why do this at all? What am I trying to prove? I don't know if I'm trying to prove anything, perhaps I am, but my goal is to push myself and to immerse myself in a place I know next to nothing about.

When I started blogging regular events were commonplace topics such as what would seem to be a simple trip to Taco Bell or the anxiety of checking out at the grocery store. That was five years ago and with all my travels with presenting (now 700 presentations given in my career!) and my travels with racing (I assure I would not be capable of these trips without the experience I've had with having the honor of flagging both the USAC .25 series and the SKUSA Pro Tour) have made life, well, easier. Maybe easier isn't the right word but I've learned how to navigate the open world better than I used to be able to which all this leads as to what I want out of this trip.

To let you know, The Aspie Traveler will be a book, no doubt about it, and you can read the first two installments of Amsterdam and Tokyo by clicking on the pictures of the respective trips on the right hand bar. When I did those I didn't have a book in mind but rather something akin to my sunglasses experiment which is a social challenge to see how I react where I know nothing. For myself, I've always learned more when there was a bit of a challenge and it's within these challenges that my writing soars. That being said I'll be doing double duty on this trip as I will be writing in my book document as well as coming up with still worthwhile blogs so any one who thinks that this is just a leisurely excursion to Norway you've got no idea the amount of effort it takes to always be on; to take notes, to analyze every movement, every thought, and to compile it into something that is halfway coherent is... Okay, there's more difficult jobs out there, but from a writer's standpoint it is intensive which is exactly what I want.

This will be the third of five trips and to give you sneak peek at what's to come I'll let you know that my fourth trip will start January 30th and will be somewhere in the Africa region (sort of... you'll understand when the time comes) and the fifth trip... Oh the fifth trip. It is this trip which will truly be the greatest challenge and the biggest sell of my book. Where will it be to? Here's the thing, and it's a big one, I won't know where it will be. A consortium of people will book it with a plan of what I will be doing and going. Perhaps there will be a goal on this trip. Perhaps it'll just be a free range experience like I've done in Amsterdam, Tokyo, and now Norway, and then again maybe it will be the grandest adventure I've been on that will test every aspect of my skills. The thing is I don't know which that within itself will be the challenge because I'll have no prediction, or indication of what it will be. How will I react and adjust? I can't wait but back to the matter at hand as it's now two hours until I'm up in the air headed to Norway and I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to let you in on what it's like via pictures and words, and I look forward to the day you can pick up The Aspie Traveler on a bookshelf. Let the adventure begin!

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