Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 4: The End of Travel Is Near: Next Stop Reunion!

I’ve been traveling for over 70 hours now and I’m back at the airport in Mauritius and looking out of the window the beauty of the landscape is something I’m not accustomed to while writing as I can see waves crashing in from the Indian Ocean. There’s now a sense of excitement as I’m about to make it! It seems like I’ve been going from place to place for a month but it’s just been, somehow, four days. However, four days to one location is rather, well, long so I’m going to fire my travel manager… Can I fire myself?

            The Holiday Inn in Mauritius at the airport was a great stay and I wish I would’ve known the amenities they had because I could have gone snorkeling, kayaking, or even wind surfing at no charge! This, however, isn’t about having a great time but is instead about pushing myself. Maybe in Reunion at the place I’m staying they’ll have something like that, but the purpose of this trip isn’t to enjoy myself; however, after my 24 hours in Antananarivo I deserve just a little fun?

            Speaking of fun, I got asked a question at a presentation last week on if I, “enjoy myself” on these trips and I do but not in the way I think a normal tourist would. This, for me, is a highly intensive and almost over encompassing exertion of energy. I mean, I look out this window on what is considered to be one of the ultimate island paradises in the world and I’m still analyzing the meaning of places, and the differences just 650 miles can bring. I think about Asperger’s and how to describe my feelings; I think of ways to describe the physical world around me but this travel isn’t so much about the places I’m in but the fact I’m in these places and how I react to my surroundings whether it’s Norway in the heart of winter or an island paradise in the heart of summer just one month later.

            When I told this parent that was also a teacher this she stated that she was almost sad for me because what an opportunity it is to do this and to not fully enjoy it is, “a shame” as she said. I do enjoy this though; the writings this allows me to accomplish is some of my finest works I feel I have written. With the ongoing issues mentioned in this book (for those reading on my blog there are chapters you aren’t reading as they will be part of the book) I need this; I need to know my strength and I partially do this through new experiences and writing.

            Coming up, when I land, is the part of the trip I have been the most anxious for and that is renting a car. First, there isn’t a 100% guarantee that my International Drivers Permit obtained by AAA will be honored. It should be, but if it isn’t it’s going to be difficult and almost impossible to find a way to traverse the 50 kilometers it will be to my hotel at a decent price (think north of $250 which is much greater than the price of a rental for a week!) but if I do get the car the question I have is whether or not they’ll have a GPS that’s rentable as well. My phone is not international (I really should have one come to think of it) so I can’t simply use Maps and find my way. I have taken pictures of the roads I’ll need and Reunion seems to be an easy place to navigate as there’s one primary ring road around the islands interior mountains.

            When I get there what am I going to do and what am I going to feel? In these 70 plus hours I’ve had a limited amount of meals (I did a number on the hotel breakfast buffet this morning!) and I know I’m teetering of a moderate level of dehydration so am I simply going to crash (in the hotel room, not in the rental) or will I have enough energy to do a fist pump and say, “I did it! I’m here!”?

            Whatever the case may be the end of this seemingly never-ending bit of going from place to place is about over and a dream I had a decade ago is about to be realized and if the beauty of Mauritius is any indication I’m in store for sights that words can give no justice and I hope I can, for at least a moment, take a step back from being a writer being in a place and allow myself the joy of looking around and saying, “oh, my, goodness!”

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