Friday, March 12, 2010

The first Friday Q and A session

Unless there's a major event here at Touch Point, or in my life, I'd like Friday to be the day I answer some common, or hopefully some uncommon questions. There's one question that's been asked so here it is:

Have I ever lived with social anxiety so great that just being around was much like much like you described regarding the sound of drums? If so, how did you overcome it?

I've never been up to that level, but only because I will do anything and everything to avoid the situation. I will easily get into fierce panics though and I get a very high internal stress response. One thing that panics me is when there's a group and everyone introduces themselves. The anxiety I have as the "hello, I am..." getting closer and closer to me as it goes around the room is almost suffocating. The really bad part is that there is no escape from this. I can't simply walk out of the room because if I did that every time it would look too odd.

When I go to the video game store it takes a good hour of internal debate to get up the nerve to do so. I weigh my options on is it "better to get the game now and risk a painful experience, or order it on the web where it may take 3-100 days to get to me". Just yesterday I walked in and I NEVER give the staff at this store any reason to talk to me, but they always try. ALWAYS! I don't know why, do I have a sign that says, "hello, could you please make me as uncomfortable as possible?" I don't know why I go back.

The only thing socially that will start to get to the drums level is prolonged open-ended eye contact. When I worked at the bank, race direct, or was working at the video game store I had no issues with eye contact. Now though I do, so to avoid the possibility of a drum-like situation I avoid eye contact.

Is this a good thing though? Is it good to avoid those situations that may create anxiety? Will I get better at socializing if I never socialize? I look at it this way. I know my limitations and know that I don't want to experience a drum-like response. However, just like the great debate between get game now or game through unreliable shipping methods, when the desire is there I will try. I haven't really had that desire so to this point I have simply not put myself in those situations.

So I guess I can't answer the part of overcoming it because I have just done everything I can to avoid those situations.
I doubt that there will be any updates over the weekend, but I do encourage anyone that may have a question to either message me or comment on any given days entry as I'd like to have Q and A Fridays a staple of this blog.

Have a great weekend, I know I will with the F1 and IndyCar openers this weekend (those races shouldn't make me angry like last weekend's NASCAR race!)

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