Friday, March 19, 2010

Q and A Friday

Today's question was answered on the "Radio Pepper and Friends" show on KBIA in Columiba that will air on March 29th. This show is also aired in video on the web and my story on that will be posted on the 29th.

My answer to this question was brief on the show, but I wanted to expand upon it here:

If you are so rigid with routine how are you here in Columbia today?

While my routines are rigid they are only rigid towards whatever the event of the day is. In other words, whatever the rules of the game are for that day I am able to adjust. As Community Education Specialist I can expect that there will be travels involved. Yesterday my morning rituals were intact as I stopped at the gas station to get apple chips and a drink, and I arrived at the same time as normal. Once the travel stage began though the order of the day changed. Where as I would walk over to Taco Bell at 11:30 on a normal day I did not.

I think I am really lucky when it comes to being able to adjust somewhat. I can't adjust individual items in the routine, but if the rules of the game change I am able to change up. However, if I ever go back to that radio show, I'm sure I am going to have to stop at the Chipotle across the street before the interview.

What also helped was that I had a 3 day notice regarding this. I'm sure if I was told at 9:30 at night that we're going to Columbia in 5 minutes I would be a bit panicky. But who wouldn't be?

My final analogy of this is this; I am able to adjust my routine based on the game that is at hand (I view all things as a game because games have rules and rules are good). If I have something scheduled somewhere it is very much like adjusting from playing a game of Monopoly and going to chess. Then if I have something after that it's like going to Checkers.

It's been a good week here in this world of blogdom. I've got 22 followers now in just 2 weeks and I hope the articles I've got in my head for next week furthers the quality of this. Have a good weekend and check back on Monday for the next entry.

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