Sunday, April 11, 2010

Q and A Friday on a Sunday afternoon

Due to the pressing matters on Friday and Saturday "Q and A Friday" is today. Today's question comes from Ryan in Tyngsboro, MA:

When someone asks why you like something or like doing something, do you know why or do you just like it because that's what you like?

I often wonder what makes something liked and something disliked. Take racing for example. I have liked auto racing since before preschool! Why though? What is it? As I think about it now I know I enjoy the competition of it, and the closeness.

When it comes to racing I will answer, "because it is all I know" but racing isn't the only thing I like. When asked if I like/dislike something I will typically give an "I don't know" because letting someone know what I like/dislike exposes a lot about me.

Beyond the ultimate like of racing I have room for other interests. Last year I became obsessed with this one track in Germany, and then after that the music from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I can't tell you what causes those interests. I can't even tell you if I enjoy those things. Read that again. I don't even know if I enjoy those second areas of defined interest. I don't know what starts them, I don't know what keeps them going, and I don't know what ends them.

An interest will begin and then I will read everything about it. In 2008 I became obsessed with North Korea. I did research every night and looked at pictures from Google Earth, but I don't know if I enjoyed it. I researched it because I had to because that's all I knew at the time.

So to answer the question, I will be very private on what I like or dislike because it will expose a lot about me, but also, I may not be able to answer the question at all because I don't know if I do like it. I may do it because, at that point in time, much like racing, it's the only thing I know.

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