Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sensory Bliss

In my article on Monday I talked about one of my sensory issues. I have several, but in this article I wanted to have a more positive slant so I will talk about the one time I was in pure sensory bliss.

On Labor Day 2006 the Saint Louis Karting Association president invited the board to his house that was near a lake. He had a Jet Ski and a big inner tube like thing that could be towed behind it. I had never ridden on a Jet Ski, or been towed by one so I nervously said yes.

The club president was on the lake joy riding as I was getting ready and I was amazed at how fast those things fly across the water. As much as I was amazed I was starting to get equally as nervous. I hate things that go fast (unless I am driving it!) and I hate movement (unless I am in control). This thing went very fast and with the waves there was a lot of movement. I got weak in the legs much like when I see a roller coaster (I have never been on one, and don't plan on it any time soon).

I had committed and I was going to follow through though. I got in the flat bottomed inner tube (perhaps it was more raft like) and away we went. The acceleration rivaled the formula car I drove in Las Vegas! I did everything I could to stay in my raft as I had to keep my balance or it would tip over, and I had to keep my legs up or they would hit the water in front of me and the couple times I did do that I nearly fell out and it hurt like heck.

Within seconds I was giggling like I never had before. Skimming across the water a fast clip was the most freeing feeling I had ever felt. Even though I was going much faster than I ever imagined on water, I was fully relaxed. I was doing everything I could to prevent a meeting with the fishes, but I was calm as could be. Every nerve in my body was on alert, but I was just laughing away.

This event was rare as I had no control, but didn't care. I kept getting water in my eyes (my eyes are very sensitive. Truly, you should see me try and put eye drops in. It's so funny it may become a pay-per-view event!) but didn't care. It was noisy, but that was irrelevant. This was so counter the norm that I can't explain why it was the most freeing experience I ever had.

I kept yelling, "faster" so the club president took that as a challenge and he began doing tighter turns at faster speeds. My skill as a rafting novice came to light and I did have a meeting with the fishes as I was thrown out of the raft. I skipped across the water and had more water up my nose than I ever had before (yes, my nose is sensitive too). I didn't mind this though as I was still just laughing away. My entire body hurt from the impact with the water, but I just had the biggest smile on my face. It wasn't just me who noticed my smile. All the people that knew me said they had never seen me smile, let alone smiling from ear to ear non-stop.

I will surely remember that day for as long as I live because it was so atypical. It was against everything I do as I try to avoid all those sensations, but in that event on that lake I was free. Before this or after this I have yet to experience anything close to that sense of pure jubilation. Maybe this was my version of a squeeze machine. Whatever it was it was special and thinking about it now I have that same smile ear-to-ear.

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