Friday, May 21, 2010

The End

Sunday is going to be a rough day. Sunday represents an end of a era. In a way this is a great representation of my life moving on, but I still will be sad and won't know what to do. What has me in this state? ABC's Lost is over for good.

My first exposure to Lost was when I was watching the 2004 Indy 500 on tape. I was curious as to what the announcers said regarding the nasty storm that rolled through, and during one of the many rain delays that day they showed the initial advertisement of the show and the line that all the viewers of the show would be asking, "Where are we?"

I am a very picky television viewer and will usually have no more than three scripted shows I watch at a time. One of my three ended earlier this year as USA's Monk solved his final case, and with Lost going off the air I will be down to just one show.

I'm sure I share this trait with others in that I don't want to become invested in something that is going to be cancelled. Because of this I won't watch a show until is established, but yet at the same time I won't get into a show in the middle.

It truly has to be a perfect storm for me to watch a new show. There was one with Lost, and in two days the mysteries (hopefully!) will be solved. I have been fearing this for several years! I hate ends. I hate when something is over because it means there is change and I hate change.

I don't have any other shows in the wings to replace Lost, just as there was no show to replace Star Trek The Next Generation. Once they are gone, they are gone. I don't know if one can realize what they have, in life or on the television screen, until it is gone. On Sunday Lost is over, and I will move on, but it may take a while. It will be like losing that friend you only see in the Spring time once a week. Okay, perhaps people don't have seasonal friends that are met at the same time each week, but it sounded good, right? Regardless, the mysteries will be over (hopefully!) and Lost will eventually become just another show in the history of television.

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  1. Yes, sweetie, once they are gone - they are gone. Get the first season of Fringe. You will like it - how do I know? I love it. We are now into the second season - coming to a season close in a few weeks - and in the second season this show is still as great as the first season. Rent it from Netflix and get hooked, my little godson, trust your godmother on this one! This is also written by one of the greater writers that penned Lost. The symbols, the plots, you will get the fringe edge of Lost and it will ease your withdrawals.... love you, Auntie M