Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Living the Dream

Starting today I begin four weeks of off and on travel. When I started writing in 2005 I imagined what a tour like this would be like, but today I will learn what it is like.

Today I am traveling to Osage Beach, Missouri to present at the Missouri Juvenile Police Officer Association to give a four-hour presentation. Trust me when I say I am nervous because I can easily give a 30-90 minute presentation, but this is well over double my longest presentation. Is it a challenge? Oh boy is it ever! but it's one that I used to simply imagine about.

To be able to have the chance, let alone the skill, to talk in front of a group of people and let people to understand, and more importantly, feel what the autism spectrum is like is something I never thought would come true.

I spent many lonely nights at my computer writing, hoping, and dreaming that, someone would read it; that somebody may be touched by it. My drive was on that hope because the pain had to be justified.

Today, my journey continues. It doesn't end here though as I will be in Ste. Genevieve on Friday to give a presentation to police officers and then another presentation to parents and teachers. This is my first double header and I am so excited for it.

The tour continues next week as I go to Ft. Leonard Wood, and then Springfield. From there I continue my streak of Indy 500's attended (each one since 1997!) and when I get back I have a presentation in Branson. The following week I have three more presentations in the Southwest part of the state (two in Joplin, one in Clinton).

It's been a battle to get to here. I think back to those sleepless nights of fretting and fearing of what the future held, and there was no way for me to even think I'd be 10% of where I am now. That was five years ago and I'm somewhat afraid to think of what the next five years hold. Regardless of what it does, right now, I am living the dream that I had five years ago. It's no longer a dream though, it is reality. I never could have imagined!


  1. It's always a good warm feeling to hear that you are experiencing happiness, Aaron.

  2. Not many people can say they are living their dream. Good for you, Aaron!