Thursday, June 3, 2010

Being On the Road

I woke up last night, looked at my clock, and realized my clock was on the wrong side of my bed. As I tried to focus my eyes I noticed that I heard rain and could see curtains on a window. I sat there perplexed because my room is in the basement, and there are no windows. Um, where am I? A couple seconds later I remembered that I am in a hotel in Springfield so I smiled and went back to sleep.

I love moments like that when nothing makes sense. I only get those when I travel and that sense of euphoria realizing anew that I am somewhere besides home is amazing.

What is also amazing is the level of growth I feel within me when I travel. I brought along my Xbox to play before I go to bed, and I don't think I have turned it on. My mind is only focusing on my autism concepts and racing. I am still reliving every moment in those two flagstands and I can't wait to do it again. Also, I am really dwelling on my concepts I have created so far and the thoughts are so deep I have struggled to write something today.

As much as I am thinking on my writings I am not thinking on other topics. I am relaxed and tired. It is rare I experience this at home. When I am home I am just thinking about routines and the routines of tomorrow. Right now though there is no routine and each day is something new that can't be predicted. Once I accept the fact it can't be predicted, in its entirety, I quit thinking about it.

The only thing I know for sure today is that I have a presentation in Branson. I may be relaxed right now, but as the hour of my presentation nears I will be filled with intensity. To truly get a good presentation I must be alive, energetic, and the hardest of all, personable. Within the confines of a presentation I can do this with ease.

Those have been my random ramblings for the day. As I said, my mind is just so reflective on all that I have written so far that I have quite literally stared at my computer screen for a good hour without anything making too much sense. Writer's block can hit the best of us!

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