Monday, June 7, 2010

A Changing Commercial World

I have found in the past 10 years or so a real change in the goods market. This entry isn't an essay on trending fads in the goods industry, but rather an unique look at how items are being changed to meet a new market.

When I was growing up everything in the stores were always the same. I could be wrong on this, but "limited editions" and "new..." were never used. From my observances it was the late 90's when things started getting crazy with new items based on old favorites.

When talking about this I really think about the cereal aisle. As a young child my favorite cereal was something along the lines of "Circus". Eventually it was discontinued and this was devastating for me as there was no other cereal. I would eventually have to adapt, which was hard, but then I got into the habit of eating Frosted Wheats. I don't remember the year, but eventually the Frosted Mini-Wheat would come about, and now I ask, do they still have the big frosted wheats anymore?

Let's take a look at the Mini Wheat market now. After years of nothing new, they now have multiple flavors be it Blueberry, Strawberry, or Cinnamon. I am amazed at the progress from status quo to now having to change so often.

I hate this new market! I liked it how it used to be when things were things and those things were never reinvented. Now go into a store and see how many items, on their packaging, say, "New look, same great taste!" What does that mean? Why do they feel the need to change their image every other week? How am I to cope with it all?

What led to this change? I like things the way they were, but do the masses now like constant change?

Not all new items were bad, I can remember the first time that the green colored Starburst candy came out, or at least the first time I was exposed to it, and it was amazing. After yeas of yellow packaging I was in heaven. So maybe all this change isn't 100% bad.

I am writing this late at night after two full days of flagging in the sun so maybe I am making no sense at all, but I am curious on this. Has this constant change of goods and new foods always been like this and I just didn't notice? And, are you annoyed and that empty statement of "new look, same great taste?" as I am?


I am on the road again tomorrow headed to Joplin. Tuesday will mark a big day for me as it will mark one year since my life changing trip to New York City. I have told that story twice on here, but I will think of something special to write that will be new and fresh.


  1. I, too, don't like when they say the product is the same but the packaging is different. I feel deceived some how.

  2. Whats even more annoying than just the stupid "New Look, Same Great Taste" stuff, is when they give the item a new look, make it smaller, and charge the same amount!! I love Oatmeal To Go Bars. They are fantastic, and a short while ago they redesigned all the packaging, even slightly changed the bars themselves and made the bars smaller, but they still cost the same.
    I really wish companies would just do as you said, and just stick with something and not change it up every other week.

    Just out of curiosity, do you guys in the USA get Maple Mini Wheats? We get the 3 flavours(plus original obviously) of Mini Wheats you listed, and also Maple (and also Brown Sugar actually). Just wondering if that's available in the US or not.
    Original and Strawberry are the best :)

  3. I think I saw the maple, but it was a limited time only thing.

  4. There was a HUGE kerfuffle about this down here in Australia recently. Arnotts changed their BBQ Shape recipe...advertised NEW improved flavour. The public revolted. Arnotts brought the originals back.