Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coming in July, The Great Sunglass Experiment

Next month should prove to be very interesting and hopefully eye-opening. I have been puzzled as to why eye contact is difficult as long as I can remember. Is it that I am looking at you? Or is it that you are looking at me? Or could it be that I know that you know I am looking at you? Or is it something that is learned as eye contact seems to induce open ended greetings such as, "How are you?"

Next month I hope to shed some light on this matter as I will be doing a 30 day person experiment that has me wearing sunglasses at all times in public (except driving at night for obvious reasons, or presentations for that matter, but only during the presentation itself).

What will happen over those 30 days? I'm not sure and that's what has me excited. Will I be able to make eye contact knowing full well that no one can see my eyes? I think there will be a feeling of invincibility so I think I will be able to, but what happens on day 31 when they get taken off? Will I have built up a level of comfortableness with eye contact, or will I become even more afraid of eye contact?

July just happens to be the perfect mix of events for me to try this as well. I have three races I am doing and it will be interesting to be in elements I know to see if there is any difference at all. I'm hoping there is because a lot of times it is simply being overwhelmed with eye contact that doesn't allow me to communicate as there is just so much to think about when eyes meet. Will this be negated behind the sunglasses?

I can ask many more questions that can't be answered so I will stop, but I do hope to finally figure out why eye contact is so anxiety producing. It should be an interesting month and the glasses as scheduled to arrive at my house on July 5th so I can't wait to begin what I hope is a groundbreaking month. As much fun as I have bringing this experiment to you, I hope you find it interesting and will get something out of it. I can't wait!