Friday, June 4, 2010

On Tour With Thomas Jefferson

I've had a small game I've played for a couple years now. It's not a big game, and I sometimes annoy people with it, but it is so much fun. What is it? It's simple; I take Thomas Jefferson on tour.

During my journey the past two weeks I have let Mr. Jefferson see new places. The places he has seen wasn't shared by those that saw him. Why? Well, I believe that money is money and I love having and spending $2 bills.

Some people on the spectrum can be rebellious and I think spending $2's is the extent of mine. It is so much fun though because I love the look sales clerk give me that says, "you're kidding, right?" I will stand there flat faced with no emotion and their look of befuddlement just grows. I love it!

One time I had an argument with a clerk and she told me I was trying to pass of fake money. This did nothing but further my enjoyment of Mr. Jefferson.

Some people when they get a $2 will simply keep it. I can't get rid of mine fast enough. I believe it is money and even though the $2 is somewhat rare, it's value is still $2. I had a problem when I worked at a bank because I would hand out the "odd" money. One person cashed a 40 dollar check and said they wanted $3 in coins regardless the coin, so I gave them a $20, a $10, a $5, a $2, a $1 then two Kennedy half-dollars, a Susan B. Anthony Dollar, and then four quarters. The customer wasn't too pleased with me.

A couple weeks ago got $90 in 2's and am already down to just $20 worth. I have had a lot of fun, and have confused many sales clerks. I have to ask, does this make me bad? I could be doing things that are frowned upon much more by society, and the $2 clearly states that it is good for ALL debts public or private. What could be bad is the amount of enjoyment I get out of it!

I wonder what Mr. Jefferson would think of this. He was our third president and an intellectual and now his legacy has been reduced to making sales clerk confused. Perhaps he would get a kick out of it as he still has the widely used, and accepted, nickel.

I'll be driving a long distance today and can't wait for that first stop. Mr. Jefferson has a busy day today and I may event stop at a bank or two to see if I can refill my $2's.

Mr. Jefferson will always have a spot in the tour bus, or rather wallet, and there's only one person who I think I would rather have and that would be Salmon P. Chase (you'll have to look that one up yourself).

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  1. I bet Mr. Jefferson would love what you are doing with the $2 bill!