Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where I've Been, Where I Am Going

I've only been at this blog thing for a little over three months, but I feel as if I have been doing this for years. Each night as I go to sleep I try and plan out my blog for the next day, and most the time I have no idea what I am going write until I sit down and then, like magic, a topic or concept comes into my mind and I just write without thought.

Let me tell you, I can't wait to see how the month of July unfolds. My blog will have a different feel, I think, next month as I will try and chronicle every social outing I have.

I must admit I am having trouble writing today. My mind is 100% focused on all the possibilities that will come next month. So focused that thinking of anything fresh to write today is impossible.

As I was trying to find inspiration to write I looked back at the titles of my entries to date and I was wondering, what has been your favorite, of favorites, that I have written. I think I have had a great mix of somewhat humorous entries (Saint Patrick's Day) and gripping stories (A Tale of the Force) and I really enjoyed writing about my experience walking to Taco Bell.

I know where I am going and I hope through my readers and the word of mouth that next month's experiment should generate will bring a whole new mass of readers. That's where I am going, but I am curious as to what your favorite article has been?


  1. St. Patricks day...or one during Indy.

  2. Why get something different when you already know what you like (when you referred to Olive Garden). I have repeated that a few times. I don't know what the name of the entry was, though.

    I'm learning, Aaron, and have referred others to your blog hoping they will get some insight into their children who have the same diagnosis as you do.

    Thanks so much for sharing.