Sunday, July 4, 2010

And So It Begins

Today is the 4th of July. It is Independence Day here in America and while so many people will be enjoying fireworks I will be thinking of ways to put myself in social situations. Today is the day I start my "Sunglasses Experiment" (If you are unsure what it is look at some of my previous entries)

It is early (3:47AM) as I write this and later today I may make a trip to 7-11 to compare what it will be like with sunglasses..

Yesterday I went to 7-11 for lunch and while I was getting a hot dog the clerk told me that the ones behind the sign were still cooking. As he said this direct eye contact was made and I was thrown off. My thoughts went racing and my balance suffered. All I could think about was, was, I'm not fully sure. All I knew was that my anxiety was high and I could not think straight.

All this anxiety from just one simple meet of the eyes. Why? I so badly want to know why because so many times in my life I have had a situation much like this one I had at 7-11. All is fine and as soon as eye contact is made my brain goes on a processing frenzy over the ramifications of the eye contact.

So yes, later today I will return to 7-11 to see if there is a difference.

As the month unfolds I will be writing and I may be doing more than more than one post a day! After my trip to 7-11 I plan on writing and posting about it. Wow, who would have thought that a simple trip to 7-11 would be a highly anticipated event?

I can't believe today is here. One month behind the sunglasses should prove to be interesting and I do have a nice blend of experiences this month. It should not be boring and I hope to bring everything to you to the best of my writing ability and I hope we can share in some new thoughts and ideas as to why there is such a mystery regarding eye contact.


  1. Can't wait to know the news Aaron.
    I know you gonna make it.
    You know, when I was a young girl, I was a very very shy person... In those days, people weren't labeled like they are now (asperger, autist and so on...). Shy was just shy.
    But I was *very* shy.
    So, when I grew up to be a teenager, i started to use sunglasses, and you can't imagine the trust in myself that I gained with those! Nobody knew if I was looking at them or what kind of look was I doing so... LOL
    Way to go Aaron!!!
    By the way, you are most lucky to have 7-11 in your city. In my coutry (Portugal) there's no 7-11. Althought there are many many malls, no 7-11 so I cannot buy those Farmville cards. LOL
    Do you play internet games? Farmville is very relaxing, especially for a mother of 4.
    See ya later dear!

  2. I don't play any of the Facebook games, but I do play an array of games over Xbox Live as well as Iracing over the computer.

  3. Hey Aaron :)
    My mum just showed me your blog today and I read some of it. I'm on the autism spectrum too (Asperger's to be precise) and I also tried the thing with the sunglasses.
    When I did my ending musical on primary school (it's a tradition here in your last year where you say goodbye with a play) I had to wear sunglasses for my part and I noticed I got much easier in interacting. So I decided to wear them more often. (By the way, I didn't know I had Asperger's back then)
    Suddenly I had no obvious reason for wearing them and people didn't understand. "Put those sunglasses off, you're being very unsociable." "I can't see whether you're looking at me, put your sunglasses off please."
    It actually backfired at me. Turns out people are more comfortable with me looking to the side than not seeing at all where I am looking. Of course they'd rather have me looking in their eyes, but they know I can't do that.

    Well this is how the experiment worked for me... I hope I didn't make you anxious by telling you this and I hope it goes better for you. Good luck with it!