Friday, July 30, 2010

Before I hit the road...

After I write this I will be on my way to West Plains, Missouri to give a presentation. Before I head off to that I wanted to thank everyone that has read, commented, or followed (you are a follower, right?) my blog.

The amount of growth this blog has had this week has been unmatched and while I may be the writer it is you the reader that has shared it on Facebook, or Tweeted (is that the proper usage for past tense of Twitter?) this blog.

I have been honored greatly by the warm messages on here, in my e-mail account, and on Autism Speaks Facebook page. What honors me more is that people are sharing my message and that is why I do this.

Understanding is the foundation for hope. If what I say makes sense and helps a family understand a quirk or behavior a bit better my job has been accomplished. I got a message from someone stating that I am, "a voice for those that can't always express themselves" and I must admit, whole heartily, that I cried when I read that.

As I said earlier this week, Autism used to define me, but when I started writing the defining shifted and I dreamed of the day that I may, "Be the voice for those who can't speak". I thought it would only be a dream and that I would remain, forever, defined by autism. I am glad I was wrong!

This journey of this blog is just beginning. I don't know what lies ahead but life always seems to give me something to write about. I can't wait to share it and I hope you continue to share what I write to people you know because we are in this together! The more people that read this, and other writings out there, the more people will understand, and understanding is the foundation for hope.

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  1. Oh, Aaron. You have only an inkling of how your log is helping. I have mentioned it to so many people and pushed for a mom with a daughter with Aspberger's to read and understand.

    My little granddaughter is on the spectrum and I pray for a peek into her mind. You and she are quite different, as your quote about meeting one person with autism is meeting one person with autism states. She is verbal and I hope that, one day, she can express herself like you can so that I can see for myself her thought processes.

    Bless you and thank you, dear Aaron.