Wednesday, July 21, 2010

But Wait, There's More: Day 18!

I have been thinking since I ended my experiment that I still haven't answered all the questions I wanted to answer, so starting today I am going to revert back and wear the normal glasses for several days to see if there is an increase in anxiety.

Knowing what I know now will it be easier or harder to make eye contact? Will I be able to avoid the reflex of looking away? Today I will hopefully find the answer.

Can I do it? I was curious as to what life would be like after the experiment so I must do this. I don't fully want to do this, but this is something that has to be done. I hope this unlocks more answers and gives me a better understanding about eye contact and myself.

My first article on life without sunglasses will be either late tonight or early the next day. I have a full day today as I am starting by attending the Saint Louis County Crisis Intervention Team's three day course for Student Response Officers and then at 6PM I have a presentation in Washington, Missouri.

There should be some stories I gather from today so I am off to start my day and will let you know how life is like with the world being able to see my eyes once more.

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