Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 18: Which way the issue is gets discovered!

Today was a hard day. My day itself wasn't that bad as I sat through the C.I.T. youth training and then I drove to Washington, Missouri to give a presentation. Coming home from Washington was interesting as a car crossed the center line and missed me on my right hand side! That could have been REALLY bad.

What was difficult today was living without sunglasses. I did not have any clue as to how easy life was with the sunglasses until I took them off. I ate lunch at Lion's Choice today and made no eye contact with anyone. I didn't even look at anyone's face as to assure myself eye contact would be avoided.

The trend continued at dinner as I was overly aware of eye contact because I never knew how easy it can be.

During my Q & A session at my presentation a person asked a question that allowed me to think about which way eye contact is difficult and I am now leaning towards the fact that it is you looking at me.

When direct eye contact is made it feels as if you know everything about me. My thoughts are your thoughts. This is probably a theory of mind issue as it is a "I think therefore you should know" event. If I know you are looking at me, truly staring into my soul via eye contact, then you know what I think about you and also all my secrets.

Should I avoid eye contact it is much like you aren't there. I may be able to hear you when you talk, but you aren't staring into my soul. If this is the case why does the sunglasses work? Is it simply the fact that I know you can't see me eyes?

I was able to make longer spurts of eye contact while wearing the sunglasses, but prolonged exposure to another's eyes wasn't done easily.

I will once again go without sunglasses tomorrow and will see if I find anything else out, and also hopefully miss any drivers on the road that venture into my lane.


  1. Think on this for a while as I'd love to hear what you come up with. Like I told you, I was forced to look others in the eyes so early on, that I can't really say what I felt at that time. Now my only issue is to keep listening and not let my mind wonder whenever I associate something off the wall with whatever the other person is saying.

  2. BTW, I'm glad I spoke up and asked the question. Your reply helped me and it sounds like I may have jogged something in your mind as well.

  3. "If I know you are looking at me, truly staring into my soul via eye contact, then you know what I think about you"...

    What DO you think about us? Can it really be that bad?

  4. No, it isn't bad, but if it is good then for me it is bad because you would know too much then and then I would have to explain the logice behind my thoughts and then the thought processes would never end.