Friday, August 27, 2010

About to Hit the Road/ Day 2

I wanted to do a Q & A Friday segment, but I would not have the time this morning to do it at the quality I would expect so I will make it up next week.

Yesterday Rob and I visited the Arch. I haven't been in it, or around it on the ground, for 15 years. It's weird that I have been here in Saint Louis for so long that the Arch is just there. That means that it is nothing special, but that it is just there; part of the skyline. Experiencing this technological marvel through the eyes of someone that has never seen it made the uniqueness of the Arch special again.

One thing I did not like about the Arch was the tram ride to the top. I never had a fear of heights until I went up this church steeple in Riga, Latvia back in 2008. Being in the tram car that goes to the top (which gives you a sardine experience as tightly packed as people are packed into them) was a nerve racking, muscle twitching, hold on for dear life experience.

The view from the top was amazing and there was really no sense of fear once I was at the top. Coming down though was a similar experience.

So today we are about to head to Chicago for a great weekend of racing. I may update my blog tonight after the races.

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