Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I live for days like today!

Thank goodness I was not disturbed last night by the two dogs I have been watching! I was worried because I needed my sleep as today is an important day; it's a presentation day.

Days like today are the best days of the year. Today I will be driving to Kirksville, Missouri to give my presentation and I've never been there before which is a plus (I love seeing places I've never been).

Days like today make everything worth it. If my story and concepts makes just one person understand the spectrum even a fraction of a bit then it is worth it.

I know I've said it many times, but understanding is the foundation of hope. To know that in just a few minutes I will be on the open road headed to a presentation has me smiling (I don't smile without a big reason to smile).

Today will be a long day. I drive up, give my presentation, and drive back, Mapquest says it is 210 miles each way, and typically, after a presentation, I am extremely tired after a presentation.

Presentations make me tired, but to give the presentation in the style that I do I must put so much thought into not thinking. Once I start talking I talk at a fast pace to not allow myself to critique my words. If I can figure it out I will post a video on here next week giving you a small example of a segment of my presentation (several people have requested a video blog so who am I to deny the will of the masses?)

Today will be a good day. Long, but good.


  1. Hello Aaron!
    Yesterday I stumbled upon this blog and got stuck reading about your sunglasses experiment.

    When I got ordinary glasses, with "frames(?)" that is very thick and dark, I somehow got the impression that I was hiding behind my sunglasses...and suddenly found myself looking at people and sometimes even in the eyes.

    Not very pleasant always, but a surprise. I'd like to know what this about the sunglasses is all about. How come and why?

    Did I mention I'm an aspie too? :-)

    Anyway. I'm going to continue to read your blog. And I hope your day, as described above, was great.

    I also would love to follow you on twitter if you have an account. I can't find you on there though.

    I apologize for my poor english. Swedish is my native language.

    Take care

  2. Looking forward to the video, Aaron.

  3. Ă…siktskanonen,

    I do have a Twitter account, but I have no idea on how to make use that medium. Maybe I will figure it out someday.

  4. It's taken me a while, but I think I know the Twitter rules now.. Tweet stuff and retweet other stuff. It's a bit of a thrill if someone famous actually likes or retweets me! It's perfect for advertising. And 7 years later...have you worked it out?