Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Invasion: Day 1

A smile was brought to my face as I wrote the title for this. What will Rob think if he sees this? I mean, I invite a friend a couple thousand miles and then call his trip an invasion. I may call it that, but that has nothing to do with him as it is the space that is invaded and anyone who would come here would also be an invader.

Explaining invasion aside, the yesterday was easier than I expected. I picked Rob up at the airport and arrived twenty minutes early so I just sat and soaked up the atmosphere. I had my sunglasses on and was in paradise as I watched travelers and business folk scurry about either heading to an important business meeting, or being reunited with their families. This was the first time I had my sunglasses on it in that high density of people and I was amazed, truly amazed at the amount of facial and body communications that go on between people.

I never spent much time looking at faces as it is just too much for me, but being an invisible person seated ,wearing sunglasses, and off to the side allowed me to watch with no risk of being interacted with. This lack of interaction is one reason I love airports (the only interaction happens at the security check). People rarely acknowledge that there are other people around them. However, for people that know each other, there is so much communication that occurs that isn't vocal. Eye gestures, facial ticks, posture, and even the way people looked at signs seemed to be ways these people communicated. I was enthralled with it all as I didn't understand it, but I at least saw it.

Rob's plane was late and I was worried I would miss him and not know where to find him. I was still seated off to the side, invisible to the world, when this person with a Canadian Hockey shirt walked by seemingly lost. I will be honest and say I did not recognize him, but I used the logic that there probably not too many people visiting Saint Louis wearing a shirt like that and appearing to be lost.

I proceeded to stand up and follow him just to make sure. I tried everything I could to reflect back to when I was in Vancouver, but my memories failed me. I could remember the boats I saw, and the smell of the Sky Train, and the taste of the hot chocolate at the Aerials event, but my memory failed in recalling him.

Slowly I got closer and he then turned around and saw me, but I think he too was confused as to who I was. I began to walk past him as I thought my next course of action, but his facial expression was one of sureness and that sureness was he knew who I was so I was right and all anxiety of him being lost was gone.

After finding our way out of the parking garage maze (seriously, there is no easy way out of the Lambert parking garage when parked in the bottom. The signs will lead one to a never ending loop of confusion!) I thought of ways to delay our arrival to home. We drove by the TouchPoint offices and then got back onto I-170 and Rob had a scare when a big chunk of pavement got kicked up and just missed where he was sitting and the chunk hit the post of the windshield. It made a big mark so I am sure it had a chance to come through the windshield. Normal things just can't happen around me, can it?

After dinner it was time. We pulled up to the house and I slowly got out of my car. My world, my safe world that no one has seen in many years was about to be seen. My memories, my items, and even the way I arrange my games on a shelf was about to be seen. I was nervous and actually shook a little bit as I did not know how bad this was actually going to be.

As per the usual result the end result wasn't the end of the world as I envisioned it. In fact, not one of my fears came true. I did feel as if a part of my emotions and memories were exposed, but if they were, in fact, exposed Rob made no statement or act that let me know he knows.

So there you have it, day one is in the books and tomorrow we hit the road to go to Chicago and attend Friday night's ARCA and NASCAR Truck Series race with Saturday being the Indy Car race. I can't wait to be on the road once again and can't wait to bring you the stories!


  1. You have a great weekend guys. If Rob comes with you to TouchPoint during business hours maybe you will introduce us? You can wear your 'shades'.

  2. He is here until the 9th so I will certainly try to get him there.