Monday, September 27, 2010

The Need For Perfection and Other Random Thoughts

Good morning from Richmond, Indiana. My weekend was so long that I was unable to make the drive back to home last night. I flagged the USAC .25 midget series race from Friday to Sunday for a total of 28 hours on track. It was long, but I am already looking forward to my next race with that series next year along with the SKUSA SuperNats in less than two months.

So, what does my title mean? One could take it as I am saying I need to be perfect, or that I am a perfectionist, but these assumptions would be wrong. Over the course of the weekend I thought back to my first race with the .25 series and I realized that, even though I was quite competent, there were holes in my flagging. Not big, but enough to make it difficult on myself. This weekend though I was automated in a way in that I got to the point of not needing to think.

What this title means is getting to the point of perfecting one's ability in any given thing. If I have to think about something then I am probably not going to do it correctly, or quickly. However, if I get to that point where I have perfected it, it becomes so easy thought is not required.

I know I am not going to be able to perfect every aspect of life as nobody can. This is important to realize! What is also important to realize is that if you know someone that is on the spectrum this trait could be there and if it is please realize that just because a person can do one thing exceptionally well doesn't mean other things, even if they seem to be easy, are.

During one of the breaks I was thinking about this and my skill I had at knowing my states and capitols in school. In first grade I was banned from taking part in the states and capitols game because I could not be beat. As easy as those came I don't think I was able to tie my own shoes until the fourth grade. Once I perfected the art of tying shoes I could do it without thought and doing it without thought is exactly how I recalled the capitols.

In other thoughts over the weekend I began to truly panic about next weekend. It is only five days away now. If  you haven't kept up on my blog I am a panelist at the USAAA World Conference this upcoming weekend and I am on a panel with Temple Grandin. Regardless of what you may say I know that the time on this panel, and my five minutes to speak, could prove to be the most important hour of my life. Most people have no idea who I am and this is a first impression, and don't they say you can't make a 2nd 1st impression?

In my panic I realize I need some new clothes and a new haircut (I compare my current hair style to that of a news anchor in the 80's). But what to get? When it comes to perfecting the art of style I still have at least 30 years of practicing before I even get close to understanding it.

This should prove to be an interesting week as it will have it all. There will be stress, panels, conferences, clothing talk, and more stress. It will be worth it I'm sure. In the mean time though I have a five hour drive in front of me and I'm sure I will practice my speech over and over again. If I can perfect it...

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  1. Well I'm certainly not a specialist, so I don't know what's the standard... But from my point of view I certainly did see you were right in your element on the track! On sunday the streaming was a bit better and I saw you pulling out 3 flags after each other sometimes in a speed I wouldn't even dare try to copy! and you did some twirling of the flags a flagwaver in a band would be proud of sometimes.
    Again, I'm not usually someone who watches races, so I don't know the standard and what's good and what's not. But I certainly was impressed!

    Good luck on the panel! I'm sure you'll do just as great as you did with the flagging this weekend!