Thursday, September 2, 2010

Q and A Friday: What's In a Name?

Today's video blog covers the ongoing debate on whether or not Asberger Syndrome will be in the DSM-V or if it will be consumed by simply calling everything the autism spectrum:

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  1. Wow, did I miss something or is this your first video blog? Once again, I am a couple weeks behind.

    I have a question. I noticed that you spend part of the time looking directly into the camera and part of the time looking elsewhere. How did that feel? Did looking into the camera have the same 'looking someone in the eye' effect or was there a difference?

    Secondly I have to admit that I HATE the term 'mild autism' and I often find myself offended by the use of it. There is no such thing as mild autsim. Aspie's have the same anxiety and fears and challenges as most other persons on the spectrum. The biggest difference, that I can tell, is that you can vocalize your anxieties and a non verbal person on the spectrum cannot. So the non verbal person will rock, flap, cry out or have behavioral issues because they cannot vocalize what an Aspie can.

    Anyone who has followed your blogs cannot see what an Aspie has to deal with every day and call it MILD. That, to me, is making light of your everyday challenges.

    I guess I am offended because of the fear that you and I both share that a person with "MILD autism" will fall through the cracks. It is my opinion that Asperger's should stay on the spectrum.

    I am very surprised that more of your followers do not have an opinion or comment to add on this important issue. Come on folks, lets hear from you!