Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Toe Drag and Fun With Door Frames

I have never been the best at walking. If there is something on the ground that can be tripped upon I will find it. I never knew why until I thought about it today, and it is a combination of things, but the #1 reason is the toe drag.

To the right is a picture of my shoe. I have had this pair for just a couple weeks and already the top of the toe area is showing signs of my toe drag.

I never knew I did this until I started wearing dressy black shoes. This is my third pair of these type of shoes this year! Within a couple months the tops of my shoes look like they were tossed out of a moving car.

Why is this? Why is it that I destroy my shoes? Obviously it is the toe drag, but what causes it? I can have 100 paces with no sliding of the top of my foot and then WHAM! a toe drag.

I have thought about this answer for a while and it has many different answers. The first one is that walking takes up so much subconscious mental power. Think about it, do you think about each step you are going to take? Do you go, left, right, left, right? Probably not. Come to think of it, and I have not had this thought until writing this sentence, my walking is much like my talking. How so? When I talk in a conversation I often combine words. My mind is going so fast that I will mesh words together. I wonder if that's what happens when I walk; my mind will be thinking about what's next that my steps sort of get meshed together which doesn't allow for a proper step thus dragging my toes.

There's more to this than just the toe drag because walking, in general, is a challenge for me. Small ledges on the ground, door frames, and small animals under my feet are all steep challenges for me to avoid. One time I smashed my shoulder into a door frame and someone said, "Why did you walk straight into it?" And I said that I thought I was clear by a mile. It was as big of shock to me as it was for the person who saw me walk straight into it.

It always angers me when I am out in public and people leave things that could be tripped over in dangerous places. I was at a movie once and the staff left one of those roller cleaners on the stairs. For someone like me that is dangerous at any time, but with the lights off it becomes dangerous for everyone. Because of my toe drag and spacial relations issue I have had to become hyper-vigilant to notice when things are in my way because I will find them, and trip over them, if I don't.

There's only so much thought that we can put to any task. My mind pushes the limit each day as I think about anything and everything. This being the case walking and moving sort of becomes a second tier task. Be it the toe drag, or door frames, all the world is a hurdle for me and while I have avoided falling for a good while I still am in need of a new pair of shoes.

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  1. Oh I laughed so much at this, and read it to my daughter. She walked into our fridge EVERY day for years (or ran into it)..."Ouch" is still what I hear now on a daily basis...and she is 17. Our fridge does not duck and weave around the kitchen to get her.