Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

I love a day like today! In a couple hours I get to do my presentation to the parents currently going through the TouchPoint 2 week parent training class. You may think this to be opposite, but presenting to a smaller group is a actually harder than a large one! I enjoy it and always get asked unique questions.

After that I will be making my way to Columbia, Missouri as I am on a panel tomorrow morning. For about a month I have been looking forward to this trip, partly because I know what to do on a panel now from my experience at the USAAA conference earlier this month, but secondly to stop in Kingdom City and get another batch of Red Bull Cola. Ah, the small things!

Yesterday was a big day for me as I started my fourth book. I just finished my third one about four months ago, but I am feeling so many emotions now that I must put write them. I can only write book material when I am slanted towards the sad side so I must make use of these emotions.

I actually had what I call a, "writing explosion" yesterday as I wrote three chapters to my book. I must admit it is difficult starting a project as big as a book not knowing if anyone will ever read it. My 2nd, and 3rd books still are past the self editing phase and I have no clue if a big publisher will take it on. I hope they do because I want my writings to be read by as many people as possible. Hope comes through understanding and I think I have done a decent job at giving people a unique look into the way the mind on the spectrum functions.

In any event, today will be a good day, as will tomorrow! I love days like these.


  1. Wow you're really busy Aaron! In the office at Touchpoint, presentations, panels, writing... And in-between all this some flagging... Well done! :) Question: Do they have your book in the library? 'Cause I want to read it and I'm a member of the library.

  2. It depends on the place. I know of three libraries here in America where they have it. If yours doesn't have it a simple request that they get it may do the trick.

  3. Okay so there's a chance. I'll go and see! Thanks ^_^
    Some unrelated topic: I'm in a good mood, because I'm going to London for the first time and will also attend London Expo there! Kansas bliss! <3