Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's In a Song and Why It Is Important

If this were an episode of the game show "Jeopardy!" this would be the equivalent of an Audio Daily Double. To start this blog I want you to listen to the video that is below. Yes, it has video, but the video is irrelevant. The relevancy is in the song itself.

What did you hear/are you hearing in that song? If you grew up with the original Nintendo then you may be reliving the days of Bo Jackson running around the field untouchable, or Joe Montana throwing 90 yard passes. The game was Tecmo Bowl and is still considered, by many, to be one of the best football experiences ever.

This blog post is not about the first football video game to incorporate real names, but rather what it means to me. That song may sound old and simple compared to today's orchestral scores in video game, but to me this song represents something special. No, it isn't memories of video games of old, nor is it those memories that some people have of the innocence of childhood. For me, this song reminds me of ways I bonded with my dad. Now you are probably confused. How could a song from a 1989 football game represent something so major?

I have no clue as to how other children bond or do any of that sort of stuff, but for me everything revolved around what I was interested in. I'm sure other kids have this, but being on the spectrum and having "Kansas" be so important I think it is magnified.

The first time I rented Tecmo Bowl from G&M Video I was enthralled. I loved it, but I knew nothing about football nor the teams. As a six year old I realized that is was a very good opportunity to get my dad involved in the game. What did I do? Each new game I played as I was up against a new team I would go to my dad and ask him if that particular team was good or not.

Game after game went by and I am sure he got tired of hearing, "Is this team good?". It may have seemed as if I was trying to get an edge against the team I would be playing against but that wasn't the case at all. What I was trying to do was establish a joint interest.

Joint interests are vital! Because I was immersed in this game I wanted my dad to not nessacarily join me in total immersion, but in the least be a part of it. I'm sure I may have been a little annoying in my persistence of wanting the scouting report on the opposition, but the scouting report had nothing to do with what I was trying to do. I can't bond by just being around someone and there must be an activity and for me, at the age of six, asking about NFL teams was my way to do it.

The point of this entry is that, for one, that song has a lot of power. I have talked about the memories that are connected to songs and this one is a powerful one. Secondly, and finally, if a person is exhibiting a behavior like mine, they may be trying to establish that connection that isn't normally there. We may seem like we are pestering you, and I'm sure my dad was on the verge of never wanting to be asked if a team was good ever again, but for us we are just trying to establish that connection the only way we know how.

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