Monday, November 1, 2010

My 199th Post: How I Began

I spent most of the weekend thinking about the fact that tomorrow is my 200th post. 200! Contrary to what it may have seemed like at the start I must admit I was somewhat hesitant to begin this blog.

I started full time at TouchPoint on March 3rd and the CEO, Ron Ekstrand, made a suggestion that I start a blog. "A blog?" I asked very slowly to show my disinterest and, well, fear of the unknown. Ron responded with, "Yes, a blog." I knew I was in trouble.

Research of what a blog is and how to make it work was my next task. The final task was the one that I had hoped would stall the blog and that was the name. The name of a blog is critical and a bad name will destine a blog to fail, but after 10 minutes of thinking about it I came up with "life on the other side of the wall".

Since coming up with the name I have been nothing but full speed ahead in my blogging and tomorrow will mark the 200th post. Looking back at the names of the posts I have done I can't believe I have written so much in just eight months. Truly the interactions on here have made a difference in my life as I know what I have to say is relevant because, as of today, I have 370 followers and my blog has been viewed well over 50,000 times (the counter on the right started counting in July).

The first couple posts of my blog felt like a chore, but quickly I looked for ways to truly make it interesting and began to realize that the places and events of each day can easily be made into a blog post. It is exciting for me to come with what to write about. The day I wrote my St. Patrick's Day post ( I had no clue what I was going to write until I sat down, looked around my office, and saw on my calendar that it was St. Patrick's Day and out of nowhere came the thought to write.

My favorite type of blog posts though are accounts of events that I have been through. Yes, I know that articles that provide concepts, such as my Speeding and Tornadoes may seem more relevant ( but I truly enjoy giving an account of my life. Of what I can remember, because I don't read my writings, I really enjoyed sharing my radio interview article ( and the account of my really long day in Jefferson City (

Of course, if you've been following for a while, you know about my Sunglasses Experiment which proved to be, ahem, eye opening. If you're new you can start from the beginning by clicking the picture of me in my sunglasses on the right side. During the experiment though I had the drama at Indy ( and I'm sure many people won't soon forget the agony of trying to get Jamie McMurray a copy of my book (story arc starts on this post as I had over ten e-mails on my Yahoo account and three text messages all saying, "Just give it to him!"

What a road it has been! I'm sure I probably left some of my better articles out of this article, but there's just so many! I'm so thankful that so many people take time out of their day to read what is going on in my world. I've tried to make this as interesting as possible and truly express how I feel and the fears that I have because so many people on the spectrum can't express themselves. I can't say that everyone shares the same emotions and feelings as I do, but perhaps my ramblings may give that small glimpse into the way our minds work and because understanding is the foundation for hope I hope that I can be that small glimpse that starts the road to understanding. Thanks for being a reader and letting my world be part of yours; it truly is an honor!

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