Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Starting Anew

To me, today is like starting over. I like round, even numbers and that is why post #200 was such a big deal for me. It was bigger than #100 because I knew I could probably come up with 100 blog posts, but the fact that I have doubled that and am still going is, to me, impressive.

I can't rest on what I have done though. Each day is a new day. Each day I look around and think about my previous day's experiences to figure out what is relevant and what can I use to help paint a picture of living life on the spectrum.

What can I use from this experience to help paint a picture? I can use the numbers themselves in a way because I have to admit it was hard writing this today. I mean, this is post #201 and after today I have 99 to the next major milestone and 49 to get to one quarter of 1,000. That's a lot of time and a lot of work to get that far. If I look at it from that perspective I start to get overwhelmed because I don't see it as one day at a time.

Anytime I see the whole picture I can get overwhelmed. This is one of the reasons why school, especially homework, was so difficult for me. I could handle one page of work, but as the day progressed and one page turned into five and then 20 pages of reading I started to panic. I would do my homework in class below my desk (out of the sight of the teacher) so I could try and knock out some of the pages ahead of time because I knew if I got home with the full load I would be unable to accomplish anything.

With all that being so I have to look to today as starting all over again. This may say this is post 201, but I am seeing it is as #1. As I get close to 300 I will allow myself to see it, but 300 won't be a big deal as 200 was (don't ask me to explain my logic on this).

So, as I sort of said in my very first blog, welcome and I look forward to continuing to paint a picture of the spectrum as well as attempting to keep this blog as interesting, sometimes funny, and as relevant as I can make it.


  1. I like how you explain the way you break things down. Nicely done!

  2. Yes, I have this sort of thing with numbers, as if three isnt even or round so I dont find 300 or 3000 to be round either, same with 400 since it is almost 500 but not quite (500 being half 1000)
    Probably because 200 and 500 fit nicely into 1000 and 1000 is like a huge milestone :)