Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunrise in Vegas

I don't have much time on my computer as we are just 15 minutes from the track going "hot". Last night I just sent the short message from my phone, but I certainly wanted to write a proper entry this morning.

It was amazingly brisk yesterday morning and even though this feels like weather that I should be feeling at home in Saint Louis and not Las Vegas. Honestly, my fingers are shaking as I sit in the scoring RV. Anyway, yesterday was a smooth day and I am so honored to be the head flagman of this event. I've talked about "positional warfare" back in May and when I am here it doesn't exist for me.

Once again I can state from experience that a job in a field that a person on the spectrum enjoys is critical. I easily tire when I am out in public or doing an activity that isn't in a field of interest I like. When I worked at the video game store I had so much energy when I was interacting with a customer (I loved the game of getting people to buy things they didn't really need) but when no customers were in my energy level would quickly deplete. Perhaps this was because I slowly would become overwhelmed with the interactions with coworkers. This would happen because I didn't know how to interact with coworkers.

There are not words to describe how energized I feel today.

That was then though. Today is another day at the SKUSA SuperNats. Day 2 of 5. Today is another day in pure paradise. I won't struggle with speech, I won't be in positional warfare. And... I wanted to write more but the engines are about to come alive and the morning sessions are about to begin. It's going to be another great day!

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