Friday, November 26, 2010

A Thanksgiving Dinner Nightmare

I have a rule and it's quite simple; food on a plate is never supposed to touch. My rule is simple but I obey it all the time. How stingy is my rule? Melted butter from a roll can't trickle towards another food.

When I go out to eat I try to remember to tell the waiters that my food needs to be on separate plates. They always seem to be perturbed by this, but I am too because how on Earth do you allow your food to touch? I do believe my rule to be law and cringe every time I see food touching other food.

Every year as I celebrate Thanksgiving at my aunt's house I have to prepare myself for the spectacle that are the other plates in the room. Both my dad and aunt disregard my sacred rule. Well, they don't just disregard it but rather they run it over with a proverbial dump truck then back over it several times for good measure.

Truly, their plates are a sight to behold. A friend of my aunt's lets me use a divided plate and this is great. I don't eat the messy foods anyway as only break, turkey, and a couple bites of mashed potatoes are enough for me.

I have always been a picky eater and have always had order to my meals. If you ever are at dinner with me you will see my eyes slowly look at plates that have food crammed together and it's hard for my eyes to break away because I am in awe of the violation that is taking place on that plate. Yesterday, while looking at my dad's plate, I thought to myself, "How do you sleep at night?" because his plate was, in terms of my rule, a nightmare.

Over the years I have become more relaxed on my rules for others. I'd say about four years ago I thought everyone did and must live by the rules I live by. While I am starting to realize everyone else isn't me, I still think food should not touch. Now if you are reading this and want to respond with what my dad tells me which is, "All the food ends up in the same place" don't waste your time because this provision is irrelevant.

Life needs order and starting with plates is a good place to start. I'm not a fan of chaos and that's what I witnessed yesterday. It was out of control and is much more wild than any shopping mall today.


  1. I can't stand the argument that everything goes to the same place. It matters how it tastes getting there more.

    I loved the divided plates when I was a kid

  2. I understand. I want it to taste good. If it all gets to the same place and smooshes around good for the food. I am not tasting it that way and that is a good thing. I hated things to touch when I was litte as well. I do not have such stringent rules now, but as I think back, I don't let messy foods play with other messy foods. For reasons already mentioned.

  3. LOL LOL I'm not laughing at you but rather with you, Aaron. But I am completely confused. You stated above, "Life needs order... I'm not a fan of chaos."

    Ummmmmmmm....... We've all seen pictures of your bedroom, Aaron! LOL Sorry, friend-I couldn't resist.

  4. My room may look chaotic, but it's an organized chaos :)

    1. My room is organized chaos.

  5. hehe I don't mix food and I want those Buffalo dinner train plates that have the little separations. I am very thankful that my mother bought seperated plates when we were little.
    I have clutter, but I know my own order. Certain things are done to my approval only with my stuff. A nasty germy anything is another topic. I don't do nasty, germy. I've studied those and they can wreak havoc. I don't like other's chaos, unfortunately,I can only handle my own.

  6. "Aaron Likens said...

    My room may look chaotic, but it's an organized chaos :)"

    AMEN to that! I always say that too! Sometimes people rummage through my room and then just leave the thing they were looking at at a random place. When I tell them to put it back I usually get 'Your room is a mess already, what difference does it make?'. The difference is that I know in my head where everything is and where certain things suppose to be. Turn it around and I'll start loosing things and things don't seem right.
    I had a friend organising my schoolbag for me once. This was an order from the teacher, because they didn't believe me that it was MY organisation. They thought it was just an excuse to not have it organised. (life before diagnosis...) After my friend organised it for me I had an agonising month of re-organising things my way (yes, a month, I had to do it slowly and secretly, because they didn't allow me to). Because after my friend organised it for me, I couldn't find anything and I kept 'misplacing' stuff, because I was used to putting my stuff in different places than she assigned me to put them.
    I don't really have a big issue with food micing though. I'll rarely mix any kind of vegetable stew, my meat and my potatoes like my dad does though. To me that's just ruining the flavour it's supposed to be. So in some way I do have it. But I'm not as picky as to that I don't want my gravy from my meat to touch my other food for example. To me, the thing that matters the most is that I can still taste its original flavour. So also, if I'd have saté sauce on pasta and I'd have egg rolls, I wouldn't want the saté touching the egg rolls, since the saté sauce would drown out the flavour of the egg rolls. Egg rolls need red sauce, period.
    So yea, that was a long comment, sorry guys. *points at Aaron's recent blog about December and staying up late* Reason for my long typing is right there.

  7. Oh, no. I like detail and the more, the merrier.
    I don't put butter on my bread, like most people do, like you said, it tampers with the flavor. I agree.
    I also had a teacher who dumped out my desk in front of my friends in class (third grade) She called me "space cadet". My parents and she, could not understand why I put things they way I do. I was terribly embarrased.
    Luckily, my husband has similar traits as me and we don't combine our piles so we can find stuff :).

  8. My opinions:
    Butter is GROSS!
    Food can't be touching (no cranberries on my turkey!)
    I hate lumpy cranberries. (Lumpy food is bad in general.)
    Rolls are good. Why do people desecrate them with butter?