Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thoughts From Hitting My Head on a Plane

Let me start by saying I am beyond tired at the moment. My dad and I made it to Washington D.C. at 1AM last night. I did get to wake up in my bed yesterday morning, but only got four hours of sleep as my plane was delayed out of Salt Lake City. The next three days I do plan on catching up on the many hours of sleep I missed out on.

Now to the title of this entry. As the plane was landing in Salt Lake we had some moderate amounts of "rough air" (they don't say "turbulence anymore"). As the plane tossed about I kept slamming my head on the window. After a couple of these I noticed other people were not being moved as much as I was.

This happened again leaving Salt Lake City. Over the Rockies we had even more "rough air" and once again my head was being slammed up against the side of the plane. I tried to catch myself but was unable. This got me wondering why other people were not being as affected as I was. My reflexes are great, but I could not catch myself before hitting the wall.

When my dad and I left Saint Louis in the car yesterday I mentioned this and he said that as long back as he can remember I have had issues in cars; such as times when he would turn and I would slam up against the window. This puzzled me because I have no issues when I am driving. I thought about this on the long drive yesterday and came to the conclusion that this, in someway, is another issue I have with Asperger Syndrome. If I am in control of the vehicle I can predict when I need to adjust my body's posture to account for the lateral G's. Yet, when I am not in control, I have no ability to predict and my mind is usually elsewhere therefore I have no defense to changes in my surroundings. In the plane I noticed that I would change my posture only after hitting my head on the side.

I don't know if this trait is shared, or if it is just unique to me. What I do know is I am tired, and hungry so I will be going to eat with my aunt to lunch now.

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  1. If you want a good answer for this question, I will suggest asking an occupational therapist who has training in sensory integration.