Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Memories of Indianapolis and Getting Stuck In The Snow

Arriving in Indianapolis yesterday unleashed a multitude of memories. When I come up for the Indy 500 in May all the memories are racing based and aren't overwhelming like it is for Christmas.

I was a little ahead of schedule so I decided to drive by one of the houses I grew up in. I normally go by the first house I can remember, but this year I decided to go by the second (the first is super easy to get to and is just a three minute detour).

My first thoughts as I got off of I-465 was, "Wow... Snow!" It's been ages since I have seen a proper snow total on the ground. In Saint Louis we seem to get plenty of frozen precipitation, but usually it is freezing rain or sleet. I like snow so seeing snow on the ground was fun.

As I neared the neighborhood known as College Park I was taken back to all the events and times of my when I lived there. I could remember pulling onto the road that leads into with my sister in the dark of night in 1992 with the kittens who would be named Siam and Amsterdam. Or the day I played in the big field with a kite and hours later there was a bad storm and we went to the basement.

Navigating the neighborhood was fun as the roads still had snow and ice on them. A couple of turns and there it was, a house I lived in. I know time, for me, is different and it felt out of place for me to be driving a car down this small street because I can remember all the times riding down that street as a child thinking about what it must be like to drive a car.

If I stayed on that street for too long I may have had a real hard time leaving so I quickly put the car in reverse and left, but before I left the neighbothood I wanted to drive my car on the path that I used to ride my bike.

One of the streets I drove past was the street my 4th grade teacher lived on. This brought out many memories of that school year and sometime next week I will tell you one of my favorite events from that year. Trust me when I say it is one of those, "classic Asperger moments". After I had seen enough of the old neighborhood I proceeded to drive to my sister's house.

On my way out of the neighborhood I drove past a tree. This tree still shows the signs of a wreck I saw the aftermath of ten years ago. The day I saw this was the day my nephew Caden was born. I was near the exit of the neighborhood when I saw a pickup truck wedged into this tree with steam for the radiator boiling out. I stopped and got out to see if the driver was okay and the driver got out of the car dazed. He may have been drunk, but nonetheless I asked, "Are you okay?" He responded with something along the lines of, "Yes, now leave me alone." and with that he went walking. I asked if I should call an ambulance and he just continued walking in an aimless way. I didn't have a cell phone at the time so I simply drove away wondering how on Earth a person could drive straight off the road like this person did. One day later the pickup was still there.
I could write on and on about memories, but I am going to do my best today to avoid the thought of Christmas' pasts. So with that being so I will instead tell you the story of a late night run to the store that saw me get stuck in the snow.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening talking with my sister. One conversation led to another and eventually we talked about food and nuts came up and I got a serious craving for sunflower seeds. Now, I don't like just any seed, but David brand now has a Jalapeno flavored one and I know I have bought and ate more of those bags than should be allowed by law. The Mobil station next to TouchPoint sells them and every time I go in to stock up the cashier tells me, "Boy, you sure love your sunflower seeds". Yes. Yes I do!

Being seedless I decided to make a run to the grocery store in hopes that they sell that flavor. Most grocery stores don't sell the Jalapeno, but it was worth the risk seeing that the store is one minute away. Well, it should be one minute but as I was backing out of the driveway I didn't carry enough speed and before I knew it my front tires were stuck in a valley of snow.

I tried to pull forward, but I just heard my engine revving. I tried to go back and more revving without moving. I got out of my car and walked to my sister who was still in the garage and asked, "You got a shovel?"

We shoveled... okay I tried, but my sister did most of the work and I got into the car and tried again with no luck. More shoveling, more trying, no luck. My sister then stated that I should push as she tried to back out. This ended with me pushing and nearly falling, but the car still was stuck in the snow.

I got back in when we shoveled to the cement and I thought I was going to make it, but my tires just spun. My engine went up to 3,500RPM's in that attempt and afterwards there was the distinct smell of burnt rubber in the air. This would have been cool had I been moving, but I managed to burn rubber standing still. I don't know about you but I am going to say that takes major skill.

We tried and tried and eventually my sister said she would push. Where I had failed in my pushing my sister pushed and I was in the street and I was on my way to the store. So much time had passed that I forgot why I wanted to go in the firs place, but by the time I got there I had remembered, but then I was disappointed because the curse of the Jalapeno flavored sunflower seeds in grocery stores continued. In the least they had the chili line flavored ones, but they aren't as good.

So later today I pick my mom up at the airport, and then we will be eating at Noble Roman's (home of the best bread stick/cheese sauce combo in the world!). Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I will be that much closer to getting out of this month, but tomorrow is the hardest day of the month. I am thinking about sending my yearly apology to Emily, but she say I don't need to do it each year. I thought I could get away from writing about that, but I guess not. In any event it is just 8 days to go until January!

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