Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Musical Dream Come True

If you've been to one of my presentations this year you may have heard me talk about things that I became fixated on in the year 2009. This part of my presentation isn't given every time, but when I do I mention that in 2009 I was fixated on Chess for a while, then North Korea. I like calling these come and go fixations the, "suburbs of Kansas".

I did say there were three things and the #1 fixation of 2009 was, of all things, the music from Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Yes, I know, a very obscure thing to become fixated on, but with Asperger Syndrome there isn't a willful choice as to what will or won't become a suburb. (In case you don't know my Kansas concept I state: If you paralyzed in every state except Kansas, where would you want to live? Kansas is or are the thing(s) or activities that us people on the spectrum will think about non-stop, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else. Some people may just have one thing and that's it, myself I have auto racing and my job as the "capitol" of Kansas with many revolving suburbs).

During the final six months of 2009 I watched every episode of the US Syndicated version. I didn't do this because of the questions, although I must admit I do love the game, but rather the music. When the show wasn't on I would head on over to YouTube to listen to the music. There was one video that had all the music from Season 8 of the syndicated version in order and I think I must have accounted for 80% of the video views because I watched in non-stop.

I may have been able to watch it at 10PM on KDNL and I may have been able to listen to fragments of it on YouTube, but one night in my extensive research of the game show and music I cam across the fact that there was an album of the music. There was a slight problem though; the soundtrack I found was on and the price... $200! I was jobless and even if I had a job at the time I don't know if I would ever pay $200 for a soundtrack... then again I am on the spectrum and maybe, just maybe, I would.

I was discouraged and went to and put in the title and there it was, an album for $.01! I felt like I had cheated the system and I purchased it and watched the mailman slowly work his way to my house each day.

One week later the package came and I had trouble putting the disc in the tray because I was just so excited. Once I did the screen said, "13 tracks". I was confused as the album I saw on the UK Ebay site said 76 tracks. The music started to play and it was not the same album. What I purchased was and what I wanted was Same name, but much different discs (I don't know where the 13 track disc is anymore... I was mad).

After that episode I sort of lost interest in the music of the show and I stopped watching the show. I hate to say this because it may seem like I am shallow, but getting that 13 track disc was one of the bigger disappointments of my life. This, right here, is the power of Kansas. Kansas can make things seem more relevant, or make other aspects of life less relevant. This disappointment was enough to change the flow of what my interests are and that takes a lot of power.

Every so often I would look on the internet for the actual Album and one would appear on now and then, but the prices are always high (there is one currently at 39.99 British Pounds). Then, on a hail Mary chance, I looked on the US Ebay site and lo and behold there it was! a WWTBAM album that didn't have Regis Philbin on the cover (no offense Regis, I am a big fan of you work on the ABC Primetime show for all those years, but the album your face is on saddened me) and was the official album. But wait, what was the price? "Twenty dollars!?" I said aloud. "$20!... YESSSSSSSSS!" I didn't hesitate and I bought it and I waited.

My interest was spiked once again and I went back to the YouTube site to listen to the music. The seller had a low feedback rating and I was worried that this was some sort of scam because some of these discs have gone for $200 and I got it at 10% of that. I mean, if it's too good to be true...

When I got home from work yesterday I had a package. Opening it was difficult because I was just so excited. I held my breath that Regis Philbin's face would not be greeting me as some sort of inputting error or false advertising of the product and, when I finally got the jewel case out of the package, there it was! the actual album.

Since getting it yesterday I have listened to the soundtrack many times and am utterly amazed at the greatness of the music. I could go on and on about how the soundtrack to the game is much like a movie soundtrack or the subtle differences between the $32,000 and $64,000 question, but I am not a music critic. I am just a person of odd musical choices and I know I will be enjoying this soundtrack for some time to come.

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