Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Numbers of 2010

Perhaps it is due to the holiday season, but the amount of view my blog has received has been about half of a normal month. I don't want to create great articles if people aren't going to read them so I thought I would conclude 2010 with an article on random numbers of my blog and life from this year. So here now are the numbers of 2010:

#of blog views this year: 59,175
Top 5 most viewed articles (these are page clicks and not main page views)
1.Defining It 2,304
2.The Day Before the Great Sunglasses Experiment 1,221
3. Why We Walk 876
4. If You've Met One Person 207
5. My Experience In TouchPoint's Parent Training 200

Most viewed month: July 14,112
Most commented article: Defining It 28
# of presentations: 94
# of people at presentations: 4,219!
# of miles driven for presentations or races worked: 11,461!
# of miles flown: 12,000
# of hate mail received from bog: 2
# of e-mails thanking me for my blog: too many to count
Largest presentation: USAAA conference (panel), 700
# of hotels stopped at while driving to see if I had any blog comments: more than I'd like to admit
# of counties in Missouri I gave a presentation in: 27 (out of114)
# of police officers out of my 4,219 at presentations: 1,000!
# of countries presented in: 2 (USA, Canada)
# of countries that at least one person has viewed my blog: 40

So that was my year in numbers. I still can't believe my blog or presentations skill has grown to the size it has in just nine months. I have never been happier and would not trade my current position for anything. I hope I can continue to bring relevant stories and examples from life on the spectrum. I have no clue how I have written 240 posts in just one year without a struggle and I never thought I might be in a position to help bring about so much awareness and understanding.

I truly want to thank every reader of my blog whether you are a regular, or have just read one time. Even for those that have read just once I hope that they went away with just a bit more knowledge then they came with.

With that I would like to wish you, wherever you may be, a happy new year and thank you for letting my experiences be part of your day!

My normal blog schedule will resume January 3rd unless a story or experience warrants sooner posting.


  1. You've had and amazing year and done amazing things. May God bless you through 2011 to do even more.

  2. Speaking for myself, holidays are a rough time for my son, therefore rough for myself. I'll resume reading in January 2011. Happy New Year!

  3. A happy new year to you too Aaron! It's truly great what you've accomplished in just 9 months. On towards a new year!