Friday, December 24, 2010

A Party At The Airport

Last night I tried and tried to go to sleep, but each hour came and went with sleep still being ever elusive. Once I was asleep and woke up I was as tired as I was when I first tried to go to sleep. My dreams last night were as vivid as reality, but I know I am just a few days away from being out of the memory trap know as December.

Thankfully for me our traditional Christmas won't happen as normal. The weather played tricks on my mom yesterday and she got iced in at a house in Rapid City. She may have been stuck but the airport was operational and her flight departed on time.

With that curveball my mom had to play the game of trying to figure out how to get to where she wants to go. After several hours on the phone with the airline she got a flight to Indy, but she doesn't come in tonight until 10:55PM.

With this schedule change all of the normal routines obviously aren't going to go according to plan. Most of the time I would not like this, but I have tried to avoid the Christmas routine since 2003 and this year I don't have to try to avoid it as my nephew, sister and myself will be having a Christmas party at the airport to wait for her arrival.

It won't be a traditional Christmas, but I am okay with that.

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