Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Hopefully No So Long Road Home

I was in Cape overnight at the entire time during this trip I was aware of the fact that snow was on the way. It started out as a 2-4 snowfall, then yesterday it got bumped up to 3-6 inches, then last night 5-8, and now as I check the forecast 9-12 inches for Saint Louis!

Last night's presentation was perhaps one of the most meaningful I have ever done and the response was something that shook me. I hope to write more on this, but right now I am just concerned about getting home. I am going to try and make the trip as road crews have had all night to clear I-55, but if it is dangerous in any way I will stop and wait. It could be an interesting day.


  1. The fact you accepted my comment... Can I assume you made it home?

  2. Yeah, I made it. It was a very scary 2 hours and as much fun as I have driving I did not enjoy that drive at all.

  3. Yea I can understand that o,o but I'm glad you made it home