Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is It Sweeps?

I was having a difficult time coming up with the title to this entry and I began to think just how stellar, in terms of story content, the past two weeks have been. If you don't understand the title I am making reference to the times when television ratings are measured more closely (I don't know how to better describe it) so the writers have more outrageous stories and intense plot lines. Sounds like my past two weeks.

What I think was lost on me, and this blog, was the importance of my trip to the Southeast part of the state. My presentations were some of the best I have given and I can't believe I am still getting better. My presenting Alias is still learning and I think the impact I had was huge. However, with the events of Friday, I quickly forgot what I had done. Living life with, "Whatever is now is forever" makes one quickly forget what they have done because right now is the only thing that matters.

After Friday I had the jury duty experience and right this second it is the now. Still I am shaken and sickened by the way it turned out. I hope that this won't last and I am hoping that a visit to a doctor to talk about autism and TouchPoint will turn the tide and let me be free of this needless stress about a trial that is over.

I am hoping that the "Sweeps" part of my life is over. I mean, as much as I enjoy being able to write stories that are really interesting I think I don't the level that has been reached this past week. I may have, but I don't think I wrote just how scary the drive home from Cape was last week. Then, of course, there was the flat tire incident. Again, I enjoy bringing my life, thoughts, and challenges alive on this blog, but I don't need everything to be something you'd see on primetime television.

In an hour I will be off towards a doctors office and hopefully this will be the signal that life is going back to normal. No more flats, no more people yelling and threatening me, and no more courtrooms!

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