Monday, January 24, 2011

Thanks, Dreams, and Tonight

First I would like to thank those that commented on my "Ill fated trip..." and gave such warm words. I still can't believe the people I came across.

Last night I forced myself to go to bed really early (8:20PM) because I have an important thing to do today. Maybe it was because of this bed time, or maybe my mind is still reeling from all the people I met on Friday, but I had one of the longest nights of dreams I have ever had.

Before I did some talking I thought everyone had dreams like I do. I typically remember all my dreams and can point out very small details once I am awake. The bad part is my dreams are often scary and realistic and it is odd when I can point out that I am dreaming if the dream takes an illogical or unrealistic turn.

A lot of my concepts I use were actually formed while dreaming so I look forward to sleeping each night, but the scary dreams I have, due to just how clear my dreams are, can leave me shaken for more than that second when one arises from sleep.

A reminder that I am still planning on doing my one night sunglasses experiment this evening at bowling and I will write about that and it may go up tonight, or may be tomorrow's blog post.


  1. 4:55 am right now... Damn my messed up sleeping pattern >< But I wanted to say, I can't remember all my dreams. I DO have that they can be very realistic, which indeed isn't much fun when it's a nightmare. Question: What do you do when you wake up shaking when someone else is in the same room? (I usually try to cover it up)

  2. I am not usually in a room with someone else, except when I am sharing a room at a race with a coworker, but most times when I wake up from a nightmare I am as still as can be because I am trying to pick out A:What is real and B:Where I am. Also, I think I am playing like a possum in that I am trying to be still an invisible just in case whatever thing was in my dream is actually in the room that I am in.