Monday, January 17, 2011

The Week Ahead (and why I am nervous about it)

This is the type of week I live for. This is the type of week I used to dream about before I got my job at TouchPoint. I may be excited for this week, but I am also nervous about it.

What is this week? Tomorrow I will be driving to Charleston, Missouri for a presentation and then I have a few presentations the next day. If you have followed my blog long enough you know that I fully enjoy traveling. It's been a while since I had a trip by myself and there is a sense of nervousness that is going through my body.

I am not concerned about being nervous; in fact I am excited that I get to describe it because this sense of nerves is something that I have felt in many different situations throughout my life.

Last year I got to the point of being able to pack and do all the other small things that come along with traveling without thought. Since there has been such a time gap between the two I am unable to operate at the autopilot level. I am going to to have to think about each step. Do I need oil? Tire pressure? Did I remember my computer? Books? GPS, even though it will probably get me lost? What time do I have to be where? Gas?

Those questions are just a small example, but I got to the point that I didn't think about them. Traveling was second nature. Now that I am thinking about them I am somewhat worrying about them. As I said, this isn't isolated to just traveling.

Anytime I have a time-gap between an activity I get these same sense of nerves. Not that school was ever easy, but the hardest time certainly was the transition from summer break to the school season. Of course I wasn't worried about gas and GPS back then, but the small steps, or rather routine of school had to be thought of constantly until mastered.

Perhaps the point of this post is to say that eventually if an activity is done enough it may become 2nd nature. I know that every year at bowling I fear the first week after having 20 weeks off because I am nervous about all the small things. After a couple weeks though those go away. So yes, what I am trying to say is that even if a person has something mastered there can be a small lapse backwards if the activity isn't done in a certain amount of time. I feel I operate best in an autopilot mode of sorts and if I am not in that level of thought I over think and over analyze things and it's just not an easy experience.

I may be concerned about all the small things now, but I've got a busy year and am sure that within a few trips across the state of Missouri I will be right back to the level I was at last year.

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