Thursday, February 10, 2011

The High Degree of Difficulty of a Small Task

This topic is something I have always been plagued with. On paper it sounds silly but played out in the real world it never gets done. What is this? The example I will use today involves the little red Netflix envelope.

If you don't know about Netflix it is a service that mails a requested DVD that one can choose from their website, and when you view it you send it back and they send you the next DVD you have chosen. Sounds simple, right? Not if you're me.

For about a month now I have had the DVD I watched on a table ready to be mailed. All I have to do is drop it in the mailbox on my way to the office. Sounds easy, but played out in reality it isn't. In fact, small tasks like these that are out of the daily norm are very difficult to complete.

Each night as I go to bed I tell myself that I am going to mail it the next day, but each morning I pass it by. One time I placed it under my wallet and still left it behind. Now I know a task like this isn't something that will make my life better or have dire consequences should it not be mailed, but this is a great example of how a small task can turn into a giant hurdle.

What causes this? I am guessing that my mind is so focused on what normally has to be done that a small task just doesn't make the cut. I focus so deeply on what happens next, and since I have the same schedule adding a small task gets overlooked.

There have been so many times I will say, when asked to do a small task, "Yes, I will do it a couple minutes." and yet the task won't get completed on time. When I say I will do it I fully am committed to doing it, but when something falls outside the lines of what is normal it is so difficult to break away from what I am used to. Some may say it is procrastination, but I feel this is different. This isn't putting something of, this is wanting to do something but after several minutes forgetting what it was that was needed to be done because the mind is so set on the schedule and what the now is.

As I usually say with my examples I will say again; this issue goes with more than just trying to mail the DVD back to Netflix. I do hope I can get it mailed though as I don't know what is next on my queue but I do know I want to watch it. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day that it goes back to its home, but I've been telling myself this for a month.


  1. *looks at a little figurine that's been found on a convention a few months ago and needs to be send back to its rightful owner* <_<;
    Erm... Yea... Enough said I think...

  2. I wonder if this is why I banned my kid from the library. I'm sick of the overdue/lost fees..