Friday, February 25, 2011

Next Week is a Monumental Week

I am still trying to comprehend how this happened. I mean, next week is a year. A whole year! 365 days which is 8,760 which is a lot of minutes and even more seconds. Yes, next week will mark the one year anniversary of being full time at Touchpoint.

One year ago right now I was in Vancouver and as I think back on myself then I laugh at how oblivious I was to what the year had in store. I knew I was coming on full time when I got back to Saint Louis, but I had no idea what would come of it or how long it would last.

A year ago my life had little direction outside of the occasional police presentation. Fifteen months ago my life had no direction and my sleep schedule was as random as a roulette wheel. Sleep sometimes would come at 6AM, other nights I wouldn't sleep at all.

I could hear the proverbial clock ticking. "What am I supposed to do?" and, "Will I ever have a job?" were questions I asked myself over and over. I had no confidence and even though my book was published it meant nothing to me as I would say "What good is a published book if no one knows about it?"

My oh my how things can change in a year. At the end of my presentations I often say that, "I am waiting to wake up because this must be a dream." and I truly feel that way. From where I was to where I am now I would never have believed it had you told me this was going to happen fifteen months ago.

Next week on March 5th this blog will turn one year old. Again, I had no idea what type of impact this blog would have and now I am approaching 500 followers all across the globe.

So am I dreaming? Is Wednesday March 2nd truly one-year? A surely hope I am not still on the flight home from Vancouver having the most wonderful dream of my life because if this isn't a dream the best is still yet to come. I am still growing as a writer and as a presenter and through this blog, presentations, and my books I hope to continue to share my experiences with you and anyone else who wants to have a look at what life is like on the other side of the wall.


  1. What a positive post!!!
    Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far. I've personally passed on some of your presentation dates that are upcoming to friends and associates of mine.
    I find it truly a gift (your presentation) that I saw you in Palmyra, MO and I look forward to hearing you again in Monroe City.
    You've helped open new communications in my life with my son and I forever will be thankful.
    I hope you find a wonderful way to celebrate your one year anniversary :)
    Congratulations again!

  2. *raises a glass* Here's to another year!