Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Order Lost

What if you were to wake up in a world where red was blue and blue was red? It would be a confusing change, but what if you were the only one who noticed this changed and when you spoke about it nobody cared? This example is somewhat, well, extreme but I had an experience like this on Saturday.

Last Saturday the first NASCAR race of the year, the Bud Shootout, was run. Fox Sports is in its 11th year of broadcasting NASCAR and much like all other sports on all other networks Fox has had specific music to go along with the opening of their broadcast.

Music is very important to me because it is one of the biggest ties to memories. My sports world was flipped upside down, much like the color changes I mentioned, because during the intro of the race Fox played their football music.

If you have ever seen a football game on Fox then you probably have heard the song. They have used it for a long time and I even believe this song was the music for the videogame Madden 95! It is clearly a football song, but here it was on the opening to the NASCAR race.

I instantly thought it was a mistake. I mean, this to me was has bad as red being blue. The order of the world had been turned upside down.

I continued to think it was a mistake, but then they played it as they went to their first commercial break and I was in an internal frenzy. What strange world had I awoken to?

Needing a sympathetic, or understanding ear I went to my dad who really, I think, couldn't have cared less. I sent a text to a person at the race and he sent back the generic message of, "lol." Then I sent another text to another person and they, I think, couldn't have cared less because I got no response.

Nobody else cared. The music Fox has played for almost 20 years for football has invaded NASCAR and nobody seemed to notice. While this extreme misuse of a musical composition is limited to one network, to me this would be as extreme as if NBC's chimes were on CBS. There are just certain things that shouldn't happen in life and both of these examples, football music and chimes, fit that category of NEVER!

Did anyone else notice or care? Probably not, but to someone that has so many memories triggered by music this was like being excited for a race but anxiously awaiting the opening kickoff.

What will the future hold? I don't know. Maybe Fox Sports is going use their football music as the Fox Sports anthem. Or maybe their new music for NASCAR wasn't ready.

Sunday is the Daytona 500 and I am almost as anxious to know what music will be played as I am for the green flag to fly.

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