Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

Take a look at this map at http://www.wunderground.com/severe.asp. Of course this only works if you are clicking on this map today as if you are looking at this in the archives the effect of this map will be lost.

Anyway, the weather for a good portion of the country is poor to say the least. When I hear of weather like this coming in I still get a little excited. I think this come from what most children in school wish for; a snow day.

I had many issues in school and was usually not a happy camper while at school. There were some good days, but for the most part I yearned to be anywhere except at school. I was sick a lot and had many stress headaches, but there was one event that gave me the relief I seeked without the guilt of missing and those days are what many school kids are having today.

A few minutes ago I went outside to move my car because it was parked under a tree that is on the verge of death (I don't want fallen branches coming through my sun roof) and I was amazed at how still the world was. The traffic on the busy street one block over could not be heard as I doubt there was any. The amount of parked cars on our street at 9AM is usually pretty thin, but today the street is full, yet the outside world is almost in a state of pause. For some reason this state of the world gives me such peace and I plan to go outside to experience this stillness in greater depth later.

As for me today I have a book to read and I am hoping the winds later tonight don't cut power as it is going to be cold tonight.

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  1. Awww, I'm so jealous... We usually don't have enough snow for snowdays here in The Netherlands. The last time I can remember having a snow day, I think was about 6 years ago... (This is the first year I'm not attending any kind of education anymore)

    PS: The reason I'm so unusually late with comments is that I've attended another Anime/Manga convention recently, which left me very tired. Also, I've got a new boyfriend. ON TOP of that I'm applying for staff at the biggest Anime/Manga convention of the Netherlands. (Rumors are I'm in! I hope they're true!) And next to that I've had many appointments.
    So I haven't vanished, I'm still following your blog! :)