Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Drive Home

On my drive yesterday an occurrence happened which seems to not be an isolated incident in my life. Much like the drive home from Shawano last year I followed a car for many miles. Last year it was a Chevy Cobalt, yesterday it was a blue Ford Focus.

I started following this car in Tennessee and since this car was moving at a decent speed I decided to follow. My logic when driving is that the lead car will be the one to get the ticket should there an officer around so I will always follow. An hour or so passed and I stayed the same safe distance behind. From the way the Focus rides I did not know what the age of the driver was so I did not feel that connection until a certain exit.

We were nearing an exit that had a lot of gas stations and the driver in the Focus raised his hand for me to pass. This was something I have never seen on the interstate before, but I followed the driver's instructions. I drove up along side and looked over at an old man driving and an old lady in the passenger seat. The driver tipped his cap he was wearing and with a waive of goodbye he exited the interstate.

This knocked the wind out of me. Who was this person? It is a question that will never be answered and yet I yearn to know. I never talked to this man, never stood in his presence, and all that I was was a speck in his rear view mirror and yet he felt it right to waive goodbye.

When it comes to connections with others I am often puzzled as to what this means. And yet, when it comes to something like this, I feel as if there is a deep, gaping wound in my life.

About an hour later I stopped for gas and some food and got back on the interstate. Down the road aways after my stop there was a  construction zone with the ominous signs of, "Construction Zone Speed Limit Photo Enforced: Minimum fine $375". I take these signs very seriously and will not do .1mph above the speed limit. I feel like a hazard on the road because I am doing sometimes 25mph slower than other cars, but I am sure that sign doesn't lie.

Anyway, there was one car that blew by me and that was this blue Ford Focus. I knew it was the same one because of the custom license plate that it had so after the yellow flag zone, ahem, construction zone I sped up to get behind the car.

I once again felt an air of safety following this car, but there came a point when I had to make the pass when his speed decreased. I passed expecting another waive of hello, but this time there wasn't; I was just another random car on the cold roads of the interstate. This was quite saddening.

This is such a weird thing to go through. I can sit next to a person on a plane and experience no connection even on a 12 hour flight, and yet driving behind creates a since of loss when that car, or I, exits the road.

With all the driving I have coming up this could quite possibly happen again. If it does I am going to go on overdrive to try and figure out what causes this. Is it the car, the person, or the experience that I feel the loss of? Hopefully I can give you an answer in the future. As for now, I am two days away from starting my Autism Awareness Tour across Missouri.

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