Friday, March 18, 2011


I have been a public speaker for just 15 months now and am still in awe that people come to hear me speak. It is hard for me to find value in what I have to say because since I already know what I know I often assume everyone knows.

Each presentation is as special as the first one for me because by the end of the presentation I realize that the audience is truly listening to what I am saying. This feeling is often lost a couple hours afterwards, and maybe this is what keeps my energy level up because each presentation is not taken for granted so if that is the case this sense of not taking it for granted and not realizing my own power is a good thing.

Last night I was in Union, Missouri and I gave my normal presentation. The room was a unique one as it was in the Franklin County Government Center using the Commissioner's Chamber room. The turnout was great and the room was full with around 60 people in attendance. This number is even more impressive considering it was Saint Patrick's Day.

As my presentations across the state increase and I revisit places, or regions I have been, there has been a recurring theme and that is people that have already attended are coming back to my presentation. I say I have trouble knowing my impact, but I do know just how big of an honor it is to have people come back after already hearing the presentation once.

When this first happened last year I took it as if my information wasn't clear, but another person told me that a person has to hear something many time before true comprehension can take place, and on top of that my presentation is never the same twice so I know now just how big of an honor it is to have people want to hear my presentation twice.

I will be updating my upcoming presentations today and should be able to get some more addresses for the presentations in April if you are in Missouri. If yesterday was a taste of what is to come, April is going to be an amazing Autism Awareness Month!


  1. We can't wait to see your presentation again! We are hoping our daughter who wasn't able to be there last night is able to be at the next one. You are a wonderful inspiration!!!

  2. Aaron, I am the lady in the front row who kept asking questions and crying alot in Union, MO Thurday night. Thank you for sharing and for your book. It has been life changing. I felt all alone & was always accused of being a "bad parent". I am moving forward with this and will be in communication with you. I can't get the presentation & your book out of my mind. Completely fascinating & I am so glad you stepped out to do this. You ARE making a BIG difference in people's lives. Please accept my gratitude. Judy F