Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Marathon Has Begun

With the USAC race last week I feel as if the three month Marathon has begun. Between races and presentations, and I need to add three more presentations on my "upcoming presentations" page, it is going to be the busiest I have ever been in my life.

Today the marathon continues with a private presentation in St. Charles and tomorrow night I am in Union and on Saturday there is a private presentation in Park Hills. Next week is more of the same and then Friday night I will be driving to Nashville for another USAC event and then that week starts the hyper-marathon within a marathon (does such thing exist?)

With so much coming up I can't wait to share the stories from the people I meet, the roads I travel, and hopefully all stories will be bee free!


  1. I just got home from your presentation in Union. I must say that I am very thankful I was able to attend. You gave me an insight on things my daughter does and can't explain. She was diagnosed at the age of 2 with PDD but in 2002 that didn't mean much. Recently I started studying online and learned that it was on the autism spectrum and now we are training with Denise & Beth. You are an inspiration for our kids' futures and what they can work towards. I'm sorry if my son was distracting you tonight. I just joined your blog & am more anxious to complete your book Finding Kansas.

  2. I feel the same way. Last weekend LARP (which is only twice a year for me usually), upcoming weekend gophering (volunteering) at a convention, weekend after that Elf Fantasy Fair, weekend after that a birthday, weekend after that selling stuff at a national festivity, that week to France, weekend after that gophering at a much bigger convention...
    In-between all this fun, I'll be starting a working-experience program in April where I'll be working in a safe environment while keeping my social security. When we've figured out the right amount of working hours and the right work for me, we'll find a suitable job for me in that range.
    This probably isn't as much as you're doing in terms of hours of work, but it is in terms of fatigue, since I'm chronicly fatigued...
    Little problem here... My common sense tells me to cut back on the conventions and stuff, since it's wearing me down. But those things are my Kansas and I feel more and more down the less I'm busy with those things.
    Any ideas on how to find the balance here?
    Oh and not going the whole weekend, but for a day, is not an option, since I'm not allowed to gopher (volunteer) then and THAT'S the thing that I love...

  3. I don't have any ideas at this time. I know I overwork myself at times and then I pay for it for the following week, but if Kansas is Kansas then one has to look at if the price is too high. So far I have not found that limit yet.