Friday, March 25, 2011

Road Trip

Later this afternoon I will be headed to Nashville for this weekend's USAC .25 "Music City Mayhem" event. This will be my first true road trip in my new car and I have been looking forward to this race ever since the end of the race in Phoenix two weeks ago.

I was looking forward to the drive, but after 80 degree weather several days ago there is snow on the ground and the weather radar might as well be entered in a Christmas tree competition because it is lit up like there is no tomorrow.

This race is a good lead-in, for myself, to the travels of next week. This week it's a race next week it is the start of Autism Awareness Month.

I may write another post tonight should I think of anything, or should anything interesting happen, on the drive. Also, I may post tomorrow so you may want to check in and see if I have. Finally, the races I am flagging may be on the internet should the upload be fast enough at where we are at. Check, if you'd like to watch tomorrow. One thing though, the weather looks very damp tomorrow so hopefully it holds off, if not the weather does look good for Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Have fun! It's unfair though, you'll be on online stream while I'm gone for the weekend to help out at a convention (which is fun though).
    Also, it's funny that there's so much snow there it could be Christmas and at the same time the weather here is already very warm. We're really feeling the spring time.
    Good luck at the event!